Alexandra Bruce
January 10, 2015

Anarcho-capitalist entrepreneur, Founder of and the Creator/Host of the regular ‘Anarchast’ broadcasts, Jeff Berwick interviews the notorious independent journalist, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange.

Jeff is also the organizer of the upcoming event, ANARCHAPULCO 2015, being held at the Copacabana Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico, between February 24th-March 1st, to which you are invited, if you scroll down this newsletter.

There, Luke will be leading a bootcamp/talk, “Change Media University” on February 26th at the upcoming Anarchapulco 2015
event, about which, more below.

Topics in this interview include: independent journalism making the mainstream media irrelevant, the death of the mainstream
media, speaking truth to power, the future IS live streaming, full power journalism training, simple affordable tools.

Change Media is also a support network. Quality production lends credibility. Ditch your job and live your dream. The time to act
is now!


The event will be held in Acapulco’s Copacabana Hotel for an edifying vacation, with a mix of music, speakers, panels, parties and educational opportunities including:

– An entrepreneurship bootcamp hosted by Exosphere to help prepare the next generation of ancaps (short for “anarcho-capitalists”).

– WeAreChange’s, Luke Rudkowski’s “Change Media University.”

– Dayna Martin’s workshop on peaceful parenting and unschooling.

– Already confirmed is anarchist rapper, Rob Hustle (famous for his track, ‘Call The Cops’ – one of FKTV’s
most popular clips in 2014), Libertarian songbird Tatiana Moroz, Neema V and countless other artists and cutting-edge anarchist speakers and activists.

Topics covered will include modern anarchism, entrepreneurism, expatriation, investing, Austrian economics, precious metals, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, decentralization of the Internet and much more!

CLICK HERE to choose and book which of these talks and events, that you wish to attend:

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