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    Alexandra Bruce
    January 13, 2015

    If you love James Corbett of as much as I do – and I KNOW that many FKTV subscribers DO – and if you agree with me that he is probably the world’s best investigative journalist in the Alternative Media – then, I think you will be intrigued by the possibility of seeing him speak personally, at next month’s event, ANARCHAPULCO 2015 being held in Acapulco, Mexico, between February 26-March 1st (or just through the weekend, if you prefer, or any number of days between the above dates given, based on which courses you’re interested in taking). Yhe event is being organized by Founder and Creator/Host of The Anarchast interviews, Jeff Berwick.

    In This edition of Anarchast, Jeff in Acapulco, Mexico interviews James Corbett, where the latter describes his unexpected transformation into an anarcho-capitalist. Once James started looking into the truth about 9/11 and then went on to understand the cartel, known as the Central Banking system, it was an easy transition for him to see that government is unnecessary.

    The Mainstream narrative is shifting and it is getting harder and harder for the power structure to get away with its propaganda campaigns, due to the magic of the Internet. A good example of this, is how the drums of war in Syria were repulsed by the people of the countries who would have to furnish yet more cannon fodder, in a conflagration which, it was none of our government’s business to covertly trigger, in the first place. The people are starting to make the news, instead of the oligarchs and Corbett asserts that he’s becoming increasingly inclined to make the news, rather than to dissect the latest bogusness to be decreed from the halls of power.

    The conversation then moves to the topic of Fukushima, as they discuss how ironic it is, that the only country to ever be attacked with nuclear weapons have embraced nuclear energy with such alacrity. James notes that he’s been careful to avoid seafood; especially from places close to the Fukushima meltdown.

    Check out James’ website, where he posts updates on news around Fukushima:

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