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This video of a May 2018 tweet by Amazing Polly was uploaded to the Cluster B Free Zone YouTube channel that is dedicated to Amazing Polly and contains 5 videos.

“Cluster B” here refers to a grouping of Personality Disorders characterized by “dramatic, impulsive, self-destructive, emotional behavior and sometimes incomprehensible interactions with others.”

Cluster B includes:

This is not about shaming mental illness. My God, especially not now, after we’ve all been driven half-insane by 5GW! I, myself am on the spectrum for a nasty mood disorder. I feel everything – and right now, everything is so disgusting, it hurts. I process this through writing. I put order to my personal Hell through logic. I suspect that Polly has similarly been processing her own anguish with her investigations and podcasts.

Seven years ago, the user of the Cluster B Free Zone YouTube account claims that she was harassed and stalked on her YouTube account so viciously and over a long period of time by Amazing Polly, that she was forced to hire a lawyer, to serve Polly (not her real name) with a cease and desist letter.

In the tweet that’s screen-captured in the above-linked video, Amazing Polly was responding to an odious, obviously paid tweet by Lisa Ohayon (the latter who has “#Resistance” in her bio and who likes to retweet Adam Schiff), talking about how, in all of her 20 years as a practicing psychologist – and also possessing a master’s degree in International Relations, dontcha know – she said of Trump supporters, “No political or psychological theory adequately accounts for these people.” Wow, such an educated assessment from a brilliant mind!

Amazing Polly quote-tweeted Ohayon with the comment:

“I just love these types of Tweets – very transparent. Keep in mind I’m saying this as someone with 3 PhDs in relevant subject areas & who has worked on high level top secret social media research teams focusing for the past 4 years on twitter poseurs.”

Likely, this was sarcasm and she was making fun of Ohayon.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • First, I love your site and always recommend it for the great research and journalism. I would like to add to what I’ve read here: that it is surprising to see festival level artwork like hers produced by a mature woman. I would have expected the artist to be a goth teenager, and that is probably her market.

  • (Except for me and you), just because you use some form of a known name online does not necessarily mean the user of the known name is actually the author. Whoever it was , they were OBVIOUSLY (not “probably”) MOCKING the tweeter with her “numerous degrees, lofty airs, and VAPID comment”; whoever took it seriously is apparently too packed to the gills with feces to have room in there for ANY sense of humor.

    (Speaking of “higher ed”……..
    mine mostly involved
    approximately 200 acid trips………
    and if universities taught
    anything worth learning,
    we wouldn’t be in this mess.)

  • So, are you a fan , or not? I can’t tell.

    I can tell you I’ve watched most of Polly’s stuff since at least the 2020 period of covid where she was the first that I knew of to really get the info out on event 201, which was UNDENIABLY a crucial reveal on the big scam.

    She may be wrong about some things, but I think she is genuine and honest.

    I’m not sure what the purpose of this little snippet video was, so you?

    Oh, and btw, she has never used the Mrs qualifier in her official name or on her sites that I know of. Are you sure this was really her?

  • Thanks Alexandra! Where do you find all of this info? I’ve been reducing myself to only two or three rabbit holes a day. News to me about Polly & the lawsuit. Not to defend, maybe to clarify from my own observance of Polly. Polly doesn’t have 3 PHD’s in any relevance, she’s said it herself and makes fun of people who do because it’s the cult of education. Polly has said it many times & around then that there are & were accounts impersonating her. I think if one was even an intermittent ‘follower’ of her they would understand that. To discredit and obfuscate what she was doing after she started getting more popular. Or are they part of her army? I wonder too if this is just backlash because she is directly over the target about TWC? It’s good to question everything even ourselves when information is this weaponized against us and each other. However, these types of ops against people happen all the time. I bet there are several accounts impersonating you and I, digital versions of ourselves created by the data collection on us! P.s. I’ll refrain from using my colourful potty mouth if your getting the thumbs from loogie. I didn’t realize that they de-list for language now.

    • Because I’m de-platformed from Twitter, I cannot follow her on social media, outside of her videos, so thanks for confirming her stance on PhDs. I’m not discrediting. I love Polly but she was mean and nasty to Sarah Westall and it was totally inappropriate. I shouldn’t have made this post live yet. Stay tuned a few minutes for the related post.

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