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  • This pops up … I find it interesting that AAPL seemingly censors these videos …

    “Note: Due to privacy and security restrictions Safari may not be able to show our video previews. To view the videos, please use try another browser. Thank you.”

      • iOS and Mac OS now has capability of client side AI scamming.
        This means that they can any time decide their own algorithm and censor anything they want, and of course, it’s reported to Apple HQ, then guess to whom they will share the information with – 3-letter agencies.
        And even without internet off, technically it can be transmitted through bluetooth meshwork.
        Apple is a CCP.

  • .gov is under adult supervision now , thank GOD . The acting house rats will follow orders like their lives depends on it because it does . Expect miracles the walls are closing in on them like fast and furious . .

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