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Linda Moulton Howe has been in the trenches, studying the alien presence for the past 40 years. She’s forgotten more about the topic than most of us will ever know. Howe is a serious investigator and this is her lifework and it is fascinating.

She did a livestream last week and was asked some interesting questions, about the various alien groups on Earth, their agendas, hybrids, cloning, DNA, bases on the Moon, Mars, throughout the Galaxy, the various dimensions, etc. about which she is uniquely equipped to offer her best guesses.

I’ve set the inpoint of this livestream 19 minutes in, when she answers a question about the alien presence, based on a contact she had who worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency for 23 years and who described his work as that of an analyst of the geopolitical territorial conflict of three extraterrestrial biological civilizations on our planet, throughout this solar system and the Milky Way galaxy, meaning it isn’t just Earth.

“He said that the Middle East or Mesopotamia or pre-Mesopotamia [modern-day Iraq] has been a war zone for millions and millions of years…going back at least 270 million years…”

Two groups, in particular were in conflict with each other but not with bombs or guns.

He told her, “Those advanced nonhumans they don’t war the way we think of war. They’re not even necessarily trying to kill each other. He said they have two dominant ways in which they war. One is by using time. They will move perhaps a perceived enemy into another timeline or they will make a hologram and they will use three-dimensional holograms in ways that would be baffling to us, that will change terrains or create all kinds of things that are not there [and] mental games…the third was being able to neutralize gravity…

“Once you can battle quote-unquote or have conflict in those three modes, then it’s a whole other type of existence. It’s a whole other type of conflict and then you say, ‘Well, what is it that they want, if they can do all that and if they are almost equally matched? What is it that they want?’

“And if I boil down the seven hours of discussion back in December 1999, it would come to: Earth is a very good laboratory and Earth has been being used for millions of years by a variety of types, some short, some longer-term. He said the Ebens had the 80 million-year-long experiment with the dinosaurs…they ended it and they were not sure if they produced the six mile asteroid to do the impact to take out their…experiment or if it just happened to be that this was an accident in the Solar System, that it was coming toward Earth and they didn’t do anything to stop it.

“He said, ‘We knew that the Talls and the Ebens can move anything they want.’ These are words that still today echo in my mind. They could move anything they want into another timeline. I remember even the phrase, ‘We have wars of death and bullets and starvation and prisoners and all of the horrors. They just move whatever they have managed to encapsulate – or whatever the word would be – they just move them into another timeline.”

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  • Linda, to me, it’s not urgent, because although there are cool, intelligent, compassionate and wise humans like you, Alexa and myself, most of us are dumb, evil and/or greedy f***ers, and our species, responsible for millions of atrocities (especially America of late), prolly needs to go..

  • LMH is great- she’s a tireless researcher and her talks are a lot of fun, but it’s hard to parse what of all the wild stuff she relates has anything to do with reality. I wish she would be just a bit more skeptical, especially given her episodes with AFOSI disinformation operative Richard Doty. Anonymous whistle blowers and witnesses from within the U.S Government are simply not to be taken at face value. Does she not understand that these claims require proof of some kind? Until she presents such proof, her reports must be taken primarily as entertainment; and they are certainly entertaining! She’s a bit like Kerry Cassidy in this regard- total acceptance and belief in just about everything her contacts report. Because some guy from the DIA said it, we are supposed to just accept that the dinosaurs were an EBEN experiment? It seems at least there should be SOME nod to those of us in this field who will will be likely to find this dubious.

  • Linda M.Howe is a great investigator and she is respected for the information she adds to earths’ alien situation-much needed info.
    I liken what has taken place on earth to a ‘program’ that has run here forever on our planet. The current program is one of enormous evil and has done great damage to our planet. The forces that have control or are controlling the activities are competing with other ‘alien agendas’ to what gamers would describe to ‘gain points’. When one system makes gains the others have to reset. The one factor that we have in our ‘bag of tools’ is that we have a ‘life-force’ that has been given for our ‘protection’ that is very much the envy of the outsiders. We have not yet taken control of the skills we have to get a foot hold on the action and so have been the ‘ball’ in the game for eons. It could be that Earth is the gamers capitol of the world….sort of a vacation spot for those that like to go hunting or practice their kill skills. We may be one of hundreds of planets used by outside forces for many experiments. We may even be a home base for others to raise their young… ?? We have a long way to go yet!

  • It’s a Wild Wild Tale no doubt, but actually substantially quite true. As a CE-4 “experiencer” (Mt. Shasta 1956) I know from profound personal experience that we are not alone, and have never been, and in fact are a highly (genetically) modified hybrid hominid that has “interacted” with a variety of ET DESIGNERS over the millennia, and have not yet quite reached that stage of perfection, where we may successfully make our debut onto the galactic stage. But I’ve got a gut feeling that WE’RE GETTING CLOSE – VERY CLOSE.

    • I believe there are about 6-7 primary socio-genetic experiments going on. Look at the major races: Caucasian, Negroid, Asian, Indian, South American, Australian, and let’s say Nordic, to distinguish pure blonde Aryans (right..) from swarthier only cats. Might be more or less. Probably each sub-species is from another planet/ star system.

      Perhaps the reptile evolved into humanoids first – this matches our understanding of evolution, albeit after amphibs-to-reptiles-to-mammals.. (?!), wouldn’t reptiles BE the first humanoids? Maybe the dinosaurs were a misfire, never evolving into humanoids? Whatever, but the bio-diversity of humanity has nothing to do with climate, really, as evidenced by the major flora and fauna are able to exist in climates where there were none of that species, like horses in North America (or Elephants, or lions & tigers); look at the kimonos dragon – why only in Thailand? Not because of weather/climate, etc., it’s because their geography is WHERE thy were seeded.

      That’s my theory. Sure, they may have been tweaking us. The “missing link” leap from Neanderthal to anatomically modern human might be genetic uplifting. Clearly, here come the Hybrids (hubrids..). So when AI cyborgs us all, what will we become? Swedish tennis masters?

  • I like Linda,…and her website. BUT,..what does this story have to do with us? I mean what bearing does it have on our situ here now? It is only a nice scifi story for all we know. Unless the aliens expose themselves and provide humans with open tech to improve our condition. Humans need the tech toovercome the evil ones that live among us here on this planet.

  • Linda’s done some great work and lately, she’s been on fire. On her site, earthfiles, check out the Feb & March videos on Antarctica. Huge news from Navy Seals about an underground base said to be millions of years old. It’s an amazing interview.

  • Lookin good for 76, or 77. And still going STRONG! Thank you Linda. And thank you Alexandra. Linda knows so much, yet she still wears that silver cross. Well, we all must believe in something. We are all so easily led, this way, or that. Met her once in 2016, at CITD. I must really look alien, she walked up and introduced her self to me. lol.

  • I think of myself as a rational skeptical yet spiritual individual.
    I have never, to my knowledge, met or seen an alien being. However, I see clear evidence we as humans are not able or are not being allowed to achieve our full potential.
    This world is run by greed,power and manipulative or forceful control.
    Those in power lie so much and it is a daily struggle to weed out what little truth I can.
    I’ve read studies that 1 out of 3 children will be autistic by 2030.
    I’ve read studies that predict similar outcomes for adults concerning Alzheimer’s. Recently I read a medical association journal article that 2030 will usher in a time where every individual will experience some form of cancer.
    I see corrupt corporations everywhere. Federal, state and local governments are corrupt incorporated entities. The entire judicial system is incorporated . Law enforcement from the federal to local level is incorporated and corrupted. The list is endless from there.
    Everyone has their own ideas and beliefs. But we are an emotional, easily manipulated lot.
    IMHO….there probably are aliens out there, each with their own agendas. But until we as humans can overcome our cognitive dissonance,apathy, ignorance, division, and herd-like mentality….we will continue to be experimented with and lied to.
    So, with such a future dangling in front of me…politics, wars, illnesses, corruption, greed…….I think a sense of urgency for our future is logical and warranted.
    Are there enough like-minded emotionally rational individuals out there to rally together to bring about organized and meaningful change?
    Time is a part of our collective reality….and I sense we may not have much left….

  • Does Anyone Remember WHO Omnec Onec is? She was said to have Lived On the planet Venus?
    I read her books and had some of her videos, and according to her Life in the highly advanced civilizations have no NEED or USE for Warfare what so ever, because when one has the ability to CREATE anything they wish by THOUGHT (Alchemy)…Even Travel that way!…What possible NEED do they have for Warfare?!?
    They don’t even have use for a “MONEY System” , because THEY Can “Create” by use of ALCHEMY (Mind-Over-Matter)…WE often call it MAGIC in Our dimension.
    Their highly advance technologies also making SECRECY Impossible when THEY “Choose” employ it.
    So many OTHER former ET’s also say the Exact Same thing…THEY HAVE NO USE/NEED FOR CONFLICT ABOUT ANYTHING.
    Rendering this post by Linda M, Baseless…After all She works in, or is related with the “Military-Industrial-Complex”.
    Once the Return of “The Golden Race” happens, These “Divine Providence Powers” will be RETURNED to Those that QUALIFY AS “CREATIONS” BY THEM.
    Their so-called “New World Order” actually a creation of the “Mother of ALL Corporations” that are Attempting to “Redefine God” will NOT be Allowed to Exist anymore too…and is WHY the “First -Born” of “Prime-Source Creator” (God) will have NO NEED for a “Slave Money System”…AND NO WARFARE.

  • Hi Linda!
    I don’t know why are we so obsessed what these extraterrestrials are or what are they doing here, as far as I can tell they were here long long before us. I myself think that if they are to destroy us they would, we need to stop being afraid of them. Some of them could be but after all where we would go we would destroy everything and everybody as we have proven it to ourselves. Open minded is the key to our existence, and my perception to life and death is not the end. As far I can imagine cloning is done here I do believe the Dolly the sheep is and was not the end of our cloning. Governments are keeping secrets from us, as everything so far it is trickling out so will the ET’s. There are good and bad ET’s same as us we don’t know who we are and what they are. On your part gods were or not gods, in my view it was all created to keep us in line, as I said to my friends religions are separating us and governments are keeping us in control. I am not scared but I would poop my pants if I see them in my room all of a sudden no dubbed bud then composure would come. The ownership is not of the earth, ours, and the universe is who ever lives here in this universe. Share be happy enjoy, have glass of wine, edukate others be happy.

    Have nice day I do like your program , Oh US lost its democracy after WWII when the military industrial complex realised that they are the strongest on this planet. Talk soon

    Marijan Trzok

    • You are Blessed, and are “Awakening” as Expected to be.
      If Highly Advance Civilizations wanted to Invade US here…IT WOULD HAVE HAPPEN LONG AGO!
      The FACT is WE don’t even have Anything they WANT or NEED…They have No Need of WAR…Because They CREATE, What ever they want.
      I stopped listening to ANYONE that has a vested interest in “Preserving a Monetary/Military” agenda or AI systems.
      Knowledge is Power…The More One KNOWS, the Less they can be “Deceived”, and a “Divine-Connection” is “Perfection”.
      OBVIOUSLY this “System” we are living in is NOT connected to “Divine Providence”.

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