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This clip is from the final presentation made in 2010 by the late Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (USAF (Ret.) for the International UFO Congress, of which he was a Founder and Director.

I don’t know how I missed this story previously. It was just brought to my attention. As Wendelle says, “It’s a good story,” which is putting it mildly, as it’s one of the more mind-blowing stories I’ve ever heard. Whether it is to be believed or not, Stevens did have a very good reputation, which did come under vicious assault during his career as a UFO investigator but he was always vindicated.

Wendelle here relays the story of “Aldes”, as written in a book with that title by his colleague, author Pedro Romaniuk, an Argentinean counterpart to Stevens, with a similar Air Force career, which also led him into UFO research and the publication of 18 books on this and related subjects, sometimes using his faculties of “automatic writing”. Wendelle and Pedro were friends for about 40 years. The story of Aldes starts at 12:16 and ends around 29:55 in this clip.

Romaniuk writes that Aldes was born in in Moscow in 1977 in an painless birth, despite his whopping weight of 10 pounds. Aldes’ name allegedly “came” to Raisa Gorbachev, his mother and the wife of the last leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. (Officially, Mikhail and Raisa only have one daughter, Irina, born in 1957).

Aldes was said to be super-precocious, walking at 10 months, talking in complete sentences by the end of his first year. At the age of 2, he fell down the stairs and was unconscious for 3 hours. When he awoke, he told his parents he’d been “with his brothers”. At 5, he could read and write in other languages. Aldes often spoke of his “brothers”, who he said lived in a place where there was no war. He said that they’d decided that one of their scientists must go to Earth, to a place where great power was controlled by one man.

Gorbachev’s career was meteoric in its rise. He was the first leader of the Soviet Union born after the Russian Revolution and the youngest member of the Politburo when he was elected General Secretary of the Soviet Union in 1985. By that time, Aldes was fluent in 5 languages, and was also able to read minds. He reportedly explained reincarnation to his parents several times, telling them that they were advanced souls.

Shortly after his election, Gorbachev was staying at the dacha reserved for General Secretaries in Siberia. While out on a hike in the freezing taiga, he saw a pinkish-orange blinking light that turned into a solid metallic sphere, about 21 feet in diameter. A giant, 9-foot tall man came out, clad similarly to the beings who would emerge from a craft which landed in the city park at Voronezh, four years later, in 1989.

The giant was wearing gold boots and on his chest, a gold circle with a blue triangle. He assured Gorbachev, “We come in peace, so you won’t destroy yourselves, as you did 25,000 years ago.”

There are some unorthodox archeologists who claim that there is evidence of a nuclear war in prehistory, in the area of the Indus Valley and elsewhere on Earth. Even mainstream scientists, like Richard Firestone have detected areas with elevated radioactive plutonium isotopes, which he attributes to either asteroids, comets and supernovae. Scholars of ancient texts allege that the Sanskrit epic, Mahabarata, “the longest poem in the world,” which describes a major war and features aircraft, called Vimanas is actually describing a world war, which destroyed a previous global civilization.

The giant told Gorbachev that they came from Alcyone (one of the stars in the Pleiades Constellation) and he explained the importance of government being more transparent and respectful of individual rights.

Gorbachev came back from that trip and introduced Glasnost – i.e., more transparency: a multi-party system, democratic elections, Perestroika and a major restructuring of the Communist government, which restored property rights to the people.

During a trip to a favorite family ski resort, Aldes explained to his father who he was, why he was there, that his mission was complete, and that he would be leaving soon. Later, he informed his mother of this and then he put her into a quiet meditative state and took her with him astrally to visit his home planet, circling Alcyone. Shortly afterwards, Aldes disappeared.

For me, believing this story is not of interest. What is of interest is how it apparently relates to a completely unrelated revelation made recently by Steven Greer, who says, in 1989, Mikhail Gorbachev was said to be involved in a UN initiative, along with Ambassador Javier Pérez de Cuéllar and US President George HW Bush for full disclosure of UFOs and Extraterrestrial life. This initiative was allegedly sabotaged by a super secret faction of the Deep State, which faked an alien abduction scenario with the Ambassador, while he was on his way to this secret meeting, in which the “aliens” warned him that if they were to go forward with this initiative, that they would abduct every leader on Earth. This faction was so secret that neither Pérez de Cuéllar or Bush knew of them and were totally spooked by this event.

In what Greer says was “100% a military” operation, all people involved in this event, a version of which appears Budd Hopkins’ book, ‘Witnessed’, were psychotronically implanted with false memories. Everyone, from Pérez de Cuéllar, members of his security detail, witnesses driving on the Brooklyn Bridge and another abductee, Linda Cortile who was seen by several people being floated out of her 12th-story apartment window and into the UFO hovering nearby – all involved were induced to believe that all of this really happened – but it never did.

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