In this clip from the talk Steven Greer gave in London in September 2015, he discusses what he describes as the “ultimate false flag”, which was planned as far back as 1956 by the US Deep State: a fake Interstellar War, which would follow the War on Terrorism and False Flag events concerning incoming asteroids.

Greer begins by describing a July 1994 meeting he had in New York City with the Prince Hans-Adam von Liechtenstein, the head of state of that small but wealthy Principality. Prince Hans-Adam was involved in various initiatives at the UN and told Greer that in 1989, he had been present at a very secret and classified UN meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev and others to organize the announcement that “we’re not alone” and to end UFO/ET secrecy. However, while UN Secretary Javier Perez de Cuellar was on his way to this meeting, he was “abducted” by “aliens”. A well-known account of this event was the subject of the late Budd Hopkins’ book, ‘Witnessed’.

Prince Hans-Adam claimed that Perez de Cuellar was was told by the aliens aboard the craft that if the UN went forward with its plan to disclose the truth about extraterrestrial life, that they would abduct all of the world’s leaders. He said this event ‘blew up like an atomic bomb’ in the George HW Bush White House.” The Presidents’ summer house in Kennebunkport, Maine was buzzed by UFOs throughout his stay there – but he didn’t realize that these craft were “ours”.

Greer says, “Now, we’re getting into ‘False Flag 101′, up to and being able to deceive members of Majic,” and how people like Budd Hopkins were led to believe that it was a real abduction case.

Greer describes the person involved in a splinter group of Majic, who was charged with preventing leaks from within Majic and how he had produced this entire “abduction scenario” by means of psychotronic brainwave entrainment devices, which caused de Cuellar and others in his motorcade and in cars on the Brooklyn Bridge to see and experience that an alien craft had been there and that his abduction had been real, as well as that of Linda Cortile, the main subject of Hopkins’ book, which also cited the UN motorcade and two Federal agents, who phoned Hopkins and claimed to have been present but were later nowhere to be found. Perez de Cuellar publicly denied any involvement in the events cited in Hopkins’ book, which Greer describes as “100% military ops.”

Greer says that Perez de Cuellar and Poppy Bush, not being aware of this end of the classified world, believed the fake abduction scenario to be real and, horrified, pulled the plug on any plans for UFO/ET disclosure, in November 1989, at the end of the Cold War.

This was also true of Prince Hans-Adam, who said he was financing abduction researchers, like Budd Hopkins, Temple University History Professor David Jacobs, as well as Harvard University Psychology Department Chairman, Dr. John Mack, to have them spread a fear and loathing of extraterretrials. He did say of Mack that he “wasn’t going to finance him anymore” because he was reporting on the positive experiences of his subjects. The Prince of Liechtenstein was convinced by Perez de Cueller’s telling of his experience that the aliens would not allow disclosure.

A fascinating potential backstory to this UN initiative emerged from Wendelle Stevens – or rather, from his friend, Argentinean UFO investigator and author, Pedro Romaniuk, who was flown to Russia by the Gorbachev government for a 2-week visit, during which he learned the story of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Indigo son, Aldes.

Aldes was alleged to be an extraterrestrial from the Pleiades Constellation who was born as a human to Gorbachev’s wife, Raisa in 1977 and that the same group of aliens who very publicly landed in a city park of Voronezh in 1989 were instrumental in the meteoric rise of Gorbachev’s career in Soviet politics – and as the instigator of its dismantling.

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  • what we really need to know is, because the USA seems to lead the world with these alien connections, which not only means that they were a part of alien abductions, but all the chaos that has been caused by the secret US government, where the world is in a state of perpetual war, so what is the end game and do we really know, we must assume that the secret government is mostly made up of the dark cabal, and they are blocking our path to the more peaceful entities such as the Andromedan galactic council of planets, and this huge space navy has put the American people into trillions of dollars of debt, the lives of the people on this planet have been shortened through wars, and poisoning the land sea and air though GMO’S and Chemical aerosol spraying of the atmosphere, and preventing any chance of longevity.

  • Alexandra, how much do you get paid as a shill? You met holohoax survivors? Really? Are you talking about those millions who were shipped from Auschwitz to Birubidhzan between 39-44, or are you alluding to those millions of Bolshevik operatives that returned in the second half of 45, as reported by Lt Gen Frederick E Morgan?

    Endless greed is no legal justification for lying.

  • I can see now where Chris Carter (of X-Files Fame) got the idea for the first episode that recently aired of the rebooted X-Files show. It incorporates nearly everything that Steven Greer presented: fake aliens, fake alien abductions and death ray murders, public paranoia and then in a later episode – a world wide contagion, implants, etc., etc., etc. Wow.

  • Rev. Nagi and Alexandra, although the onus may seem on Raymond Dale and Heikki to prove their allegations, would it not be prudent to do your own research so as to dismiss any doubt that you two may have. If you both had no doubt you would not waste your time asking for it from another. Do you doubt 2+2 = 4, no and you do not need anyone to prove this fact to you, coz you know it.

  • Heikki: I have to assume that you’ve never met a Nazi concentration camp survivor with their distinctive tattoos, as I have, in different places, mostly in New York City. There are very few left, as they are quite old now.

    I also know at least two people who don’t know each other, lost half of their families, each in Nazi concentration camps.

    Holocaust denial is awful. I’m willing to entertain that the numbers may be misrepresentative but there is no way that my friends are lying to me about something like that or that these old people with their number tattoos are lying to me, either.

  • Raymond Dale: Can you substantiate your claim that Greer is on the Rockefeller payroll? I know that early in his career, he did receive funds from the late Laurance Rockefeller but the way Greer hustles and charges people money for everything he does tells me that he’s not getting substantial funding from anyone. He has 3 daughters at expensive universities, right now.

  • Raymond Dale: It’s not my policy to censor the comments of my viewers but what evidence do you have that Greer is on the payroll of the “Rothschilds”? It is true that in the 1990s, Greer and other UFO and “abduction” researchers, including the late Dr. John Mack, Chairman of Harvard University’s Psychology Department did receive funds from the late Laurance Rockefeller (d. 2004). If you could point me in the right direction to substantiate your claim that’s still on the Rockefeller payroll, I’d be most grateful. I work 15 hours per day, 7 days a week and could use help tracking down this kind of information. But it seems to me that if he were being heavily subsidized by the Rothschilds, I don’t think he’d be constantly out to make a buck with everything he does. He currently has three daughters at expensive universities.

  • Dear Raymond Dale and Heikki,

    I am not saying anything to the contrary, but do either of you have any evidence to what you are claiming? I’m not into believing anything at face value, so I’d like to explore your points of view, if you have any evidence to back them up.

  • This guy is a huge holocaust promoter and if he can’t do some research and figure out that this was and is a hoax, a myth, how can he be right on anything else?
    I have watched some of his video’s and I noticed he comes down on his ex-wife to blame her for his failures.
    Dr. Greer seems to be a self promoting exhibitionist who will do anything to get into the spotlight.


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