The “Phoenix Lights” was an object videotaped by many and seen by thousands over several nights in the Arizona sky in 1997. It was a major sighting that was described by witnesses as silent and larger than a football field. 

Fife Symington, former Arizona State Governor and Vietnam Air Force veteran had never publicly acknowledged he’d seen UFOs until now.

He says he withheld his own sighting experiences because he didn’t want people to panic. “I think, as a public figure you have to be very careful about what you say, because people can have pretty emotional reactions and and…my goal wasn’t to try to stir the pot.”

Symington went to humorous and controversial lengths “not to stir the pot”. He held a news conference after the Phoenix Lights, to announce the mystery, with one of his staff members coming forward as the culprit, dressed in a rubber “alien” Halloween costume, while Symington announced to the press, “…that you guys are entirely too serious.”

UFO enthusiasts were not amused.

The Governor was previously believed not to have seen anything but emerged after his tenure to remark that, “The lights were really brilliant and it was just fascinating. I mean, it was enormous. It just felt other-worldly. You know your in your gut; you could just tell that was otherworldly.”

Symingnton discussed the UFO film, “Out of the Blue” and was also in talks with an organization that wants UFO information more out in the open. it’s very significant that someone with the stature of a Governor would come out and say that they acknowledge that they experienced a UFO. It brings more credibility and strength to the case. 

“I stood behind the scenes, back then and tried to investigate it – but I got nowhere. So what were the Phoenix lights? Frankly, we don’t know. What we do know is that it is much more of a mystery today as it was a decade ago.”

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