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    Founded in part by the Rockefellers, the United Nations has been acting as a de facto world government since 1945.

    Starting in the 1950s, the UN began funding scientists to measure for carbon dioxide and in 1992, they drafted what they describe as the “International legal instrument for the conservation of biological diversity” and outlined their plans to seize control of land under the guise of “climate conservation”, known as Agenda 21, because they wanted to accomplish their goals by the 21st century.

    But by 2015, they were failing and officially pushed their deadline back with Agenda 2030.

    In 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation published ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development’, wherein they outlined four different ways pof achieving their goals, which they wrote, “Once crossed these axes create a matrix of four very different futures.”

    In 2020, they crossed the axis into the Lock Step Matrix.

    In 2022, at their 15th Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 15), the UN increased the amount of land that they plan to steal to 30% by 2030. Their 30 by 30 Plan will require the displacement of millions.

    So far, their direct confiscation approach is working in Europe. The Dutch Farmers have been peacefully protesting but they are being shot at by the police, so the government isn’t stopping, which is why the direct approach won’t work in America.

    Less than a year after Agenda 21 was drafted, the US Federal Government attempted stripping away Constitutional land rights from the Bundy Family in Nevada. It was fought in the courts for decades and resulted in a peaceful protest with armed protesters. To avoid a gunfight, the Feds backed off and adapted their plans.

    In 2008, the Rockefeller Foundation published ‘America 2050’, a “strategy to reclaim natural resources and reform the federal role in land use policy.”

    The America 2050 documents outline which areas of the country will be depopulated and which areas will be politically absorbed into 10 new “Megaregions”.

    The Rockefellers envision most of the depopulation to occur in the central corridor of the United States. These are the same states that experienced the most COVID vaccine deaths; a massive area that is not included in the America 2050 infrastructure map and excluded from the new high speed rail systems planned.

    A big part of the Rockefeller’s America 2050 is the High Speed Rail in America plan, which requires the use of existing railways for its implementation.

    Some are suggesting that this is why we are seeing so many train derailments. There have been over a dozen derailments and chemical spills on railways in just the past few months, some of which, such as the one in East Palestine are highly suspicious.

    And these chemical spills could be used as an excuse by the State to evacuate you from your homes and steal your land.

    The Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act, commonly known as “Superfund” was enacted by Congress in 1980. The Superfund provides the EPA with the authority to seize control of private lands for longterm remedial response actions during the event of a toxic disaster.

    If what we’re being told about the chemicals that were burned and released into East Palestine is true, then the EPA can plausibly shut down a massive area and Cleveland can house the dislocated Ohioans in their 15-Minute Cities, while the Government cleans up the mess and accepts the land as payment.

    Whether it’s called “Agenda 21”, “Agenda 2030” or “America 2050”, the United Nations and their friends are never going to quit.

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    • IF we last till 2024 and IF we manage to get Trump reelected, I hope that he has the wisdom to remove us from any & all contact with the UN, the NATO, the WHO, and the disgusting Paris Climate Accords, again.
      As far as I am concerned, “America First” means “America Alone”.

    • This is being censored in France 🙁


      Because of French government demands to remove creators from our platform, Rumble is currently unavailable in France. We are challenging these government demands and hope to restore access soon.”

    • Alexandra,

      Generally, conservatives are
      always behind the political/
      cultural/social curves.

      Tucker Carlson’s Truth-Telling—Helena’s Page :

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      This scribbler is a PaleoCon—always instructing
      conservatives on what’s afoot, such as the late
      Rush Limbaugh, who had been CONTROLLED
      RESISTANCE ( he had ushered in NAFTA—the
      beginning of the end for National Conservatism ).

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