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    People today know propaganda when they see it. Between 9/11, the Gulf Wars and YouTube, people are getting good at spotting propaganda.

    I’ve been avoiding the Parkland shooting because it’s a maelstrom of everything bad (including propaganda) but I did view some Mainstream News reports a few days ago, where it seemed like one survivor,17-year old aspiring journalist David Hogg exhibited a slick glibness at the scene of the massacre on CNN that seemed inappropriate. He kept repeating the phrase “heroic actions” in a way that screamed “crisis actor” to me but I wasn’t going to touch it with a 10-foot pole.

    Seventeen kids are dead. Multiple witnesses have reported multiple shooters. Please, not again.

    I was not the only one to notice Hogg’s manifest fakeness. By the time I checked back, Donald Trump, Jr had already retweeted Thomas Paine/True Pundit’s post about Hogg being a crisis actor, which had spurred everybody from the NY Times to BBC to to CNN to make the new story become about how “disgusting” the “Right Wing Media” is for doubting the bonafides of Hogg, whose father is a retired FBI agent.

    Clips were posted to YouTube, showing Hogg repeating his slick script in one but flubbing his lines in another while being coached off-camera. Photos emerged with Hogg posing behind the news anchor desk at CNN headquarters in Atlanta before the shooting.

    Hogg clearly wants to be Jake Tapper when he grows up, which caused journalist Amanda Shea to ask whether “He’s saying what needs to be said to get attention, a reaction, praise, and perhaps open the doors to opportunities within the field he’s seeking…that he’s possibly pushing his divisive message against our President for personal gain…”

    Also shocking was the discovery that Benjamin Kelly, an aide to State Representative Shawn Harrison of Florida had been fired after claiming that two students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were “actors that travel to various crises when they happen.”

    Whoa. Kelly worked for the State Government of Florida and he said that! I’m the publisher of what many would call a conspiracy blog and I didn’t!

    I whipped-up a little video to demonstrate why one may reserve the right to be cynical about David Hogg. Over the course of this exercise, I had to remind myself that Hogg is just a kid and it looks like he’s being played by CNN and other members of the faction within the US Government that’s trying to impeach the President.

    As someone who abstains from the Dinosaur Media, it’s shocking to me that anyone still watches that stuff! These people are really corny, man! That the young Hogg actually aspires to be involved in a medium that’s almost extinct is yet another tragedy in all of this.

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    • This kid is well trained.
      At 1:29, seemingly for no apparent reason, he put his right hand on his chest and at the same time spread his fingers so they formed the masonic “M” to let us know who are the people behind him.
      It was done on purpose.
      This kid is a crisis actor.

    • You are way too smart to believe that Trump is nothing but the puppet he is, Mizz Bruce. The left-right paradigm of ‘us vs them’. It is a ploy, theater. Do some hate Trump? Sure. The electoral collage put Trump in office, not the voters. Look at his campaign team after he changed them out, look at his transition team, look at his staff, look at his appointments(Including the Sec. of Labor, the federal Judge that let Jeremy Epstein basically walk). There is an early 1990’s documentary on Trump that has a lot of information in it. Search you tube for The Documentary Trump Tried to Ban. No federal Republican nor Democrat are you friend. None gives a hoot about you or your family. I am an email subscriber, so if you have trouble locating that documentary, just send me a notification and I will assist you. If Trump is impeached, then it is all part of the plan to put Pence in charge. Oh, did you know that Trump put a couple hundred grand in the Dakota Access Pipeline? So much for “draining the swamp”(Hope and Change?)

      • This piece isn’t about Trump! I don’t know why the majority of criticisms that I am receiving about this piece aren’t about the observations of many that Hogg’s performance seems canned but are instead criticisms of Trump.

        What Oval Office inhabitant isn’t a pawn of mega interests? What’s unprecedented is this raging civil war within the government that’s being waged on the public through the Mainstream Media using unlikely people like David Hogg. Your Tax Dollars at work.

        • I got bored with UK mainstream so switched channels for a dose of CNN only to be met by a tirade of Conspiract Theorist ridicule because this video was top of the google search lists and was the most searched for when entering David Hogg. The kept repeating that Conspiracy Theorists were to blame for this Fake News, Google apologised because their algorithims hadn’t picked up this Fake News.
          CNN? Well I think “The Lady doth protest too much”

          Top of Google search lists ……….. BRILLIANT! Hey, there are more people with doubts who are questioning the Mainstream Toothpaste as it is squeezed from the tube.

          I this to Facebook and it hasn’t been removed after 11hrs.

          Trump arming teachers! … What the hell is going on over there. You’ll end up with suicide by teacher as well as suicide by cop. I would hope that your teachers will refuse being armed it would be a recipe for disaster.

    • I bought into the “crisis actors” meme for awhile, but it’s been debunked. It’s been proven that David Hogg is a legitimate student at M.S. Douglas High School and so were the other students falsely accused of being “crisis actors.” Hogg’s made no secret that he’s a journalism student and wants a career there and the kid’s articulate. What’s he supposed to do, join the “alt-right” press sites if he doesn’t agree with their philosophy? Do you honestly believe that Brietbart has real, objective journalistic standards?

      Now, the family has been receiving receiving death threats, most likely from some far right wingnuts.

      As far as I know, only two students claimed to have heard two additional shooters. They seemed scripted to me when interviewed. Why didn’t more students hear or see multiple shooters? I know of no other evidence of other shooters. The accusations of “multiple shooters” is getting stale with little or no evidence in this case.

      I hope the forces that are working to impeach President Trump succeed., but it’s doubtful with this Republican led House of Representatives. He’s not only mentally and emotionally unfit for the job, but he’s hiding something significant. Why else not release his tax returns? You may not like the Clintons, but they released their joint tax returns for the last ten years during the campaign. Trump is still hiding his.

      People “in the know” are reasoning that it’s tied in with the Russian oligarchs that bailed him out of his bankruptcy problems back in the 90’s and their money laundering shenanigans involving Trump properties.

      We’ll see what Mueller and his team can dig up that will hold up in a court of law.

    • These fucking people. This is why I turned the TV News off 5 years ago – it’s just propaganda. This Hogg character is the same kind of piece of shit they used at Sandy Hook (and I was there). What’s worse than a crisis actor (of which there were, both at Sandy Hook and Florida, maybe Vegas, too?) is an agenda puppet. Clearly, the FBI is full of compromised, blackmailed, and purely bribed people in the FBI. That’s a fact (see Sloppy Sniper by Barry Sotero). That an ex-FBI kid is also programmed by his agenda’d father is easy to understand. They used a Democratic platform topic to recruit people who would follow a false narrative because of ideology. Or, they’d use people with no morals, and simply bribe them. Either way, the way these people think is the real enemy. Ideologies must go, and TRUTH must prevail.

      • Look for One America News (OANN). I don’t agree with their position on some things, but they give the whole report and not just soundbites .

    • Nicely done Alex. Though, I couldn’t watch it through. I did try. However, I don’t watch such worldwide and specifically national reality narratives. When I do I find it too disturbing to do so for long. The talking-head promoters for the Cabal/Deep State/Whatever narrative, most especially Anderson, scares the hell out of me. Further, not listening to their BS regularly makes the narrative they support feel like fascist propaganda.

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