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UPDATE: The original video associated with this post created by Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence was taken down. I’ve replaced it with this clip of the same interview with a Douglas High School student that he used (we’ll see how long this one stays up). It is disturbing to watch this child smile as she describes her teacher getting shot in the head…


I have avoided posting about this latest mass shooting in Florida so far because I’m so sick of these stories but in light of Jake Morphonios’ excellent work, I think it’s worth reporting that in early on-the-scene interviews with several students at Douglas High School in Parkland Florida as shown here, they talked about a crisis drill coinciding with the attack and multiple shooters.

The witnesses reports are, of course contrary to the Lone Nut story about Nikolas Cruz, whose most recent adoptive parents never, ever saw this bloodbath coming.

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  • Also the video with johnny bravo/john beuchell was taken down…didn’t last 10 to 20 min. I personally think all this cnn coverage is to distract from what investigative things are not being done. Why isn’t anyone finding who did these drills…Secret Service, I don’t think so!!!

    • UPDATE: The original video associated with this post created by Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence was taken down. I’ve replaced it with this clip of the same interview with a Douglas High School student that he used (we’ll see how long this one stays up). It is disturbing to watch this child smile as she describes her teacher getting shot in the head…

  • The FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. are all involved in this shootings. They are SACRIFICIAL shootings – BLOOD SACRIFICES – BLOOD SACRIFICES!!! – all of them, and these Luciferians are doing the shootings themselves. Think about the large number of FBI agents in Las Vegas, who all came in just days before the Las Vegas shooting. Read this from Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, who knows his stuff like the back of his hand.
    “Las Vegas, the Blood Sacrifice and the Sign
    Dr. Stephen Pidgeon
    127:10 (actually 2:07:13)……and then, the Messiah would come 62 weeks later, which would put it…where….at 17 AD, when he proclaims the year of Jubilee, the acceptable year of YAH, and that would establish the sequence of 1767. 1767, now 2017 says. Okay, that means the Messiah is coming back. Yes, except that Matthew 24 clarified it’s not Messiah coming back on that date – it’s the sign of the coming of the Son of Man, and will be seen in 2017, and the sign of the coming of the Son of Man was, in fact, seen in 2017. It was seen on September 23rd 2017, where the Revelation 12 sign, in its entirety, see the video of Scott Clarke, was seen in the heavens – all of it. The woman with the 12 stars in her head, the Sun behind, clothed in the Sun, with the moon at her feet, giving birth to the child, which was Jupiter, in this case. With Satan waiting at her feet to devour the child, and Archangel Michael, doing war with Satan in the heavens. That entire sign was seen on September 23, 2017 – for the first time in history, the whole sign had been seen. That date, September 23rd 2017, exactly eight days from Yom Kippur.

    Remember under the Torah, a woman is unclean for seven days after giving birth to a male, and the child is to be presented on the eighth day. The eighth day was October 1st, Yom Kippur, and we had certain people in this world that knew that the child would be presented on that date. Satan stretched out to devour the child, but the child was taken up to heaven, and taken away, and the woman was put into the wilderness, but guess what happened. There was a ritual sacrifice on that day in Las Vegas with this blood slaughtering on American soil that has gone unanswered. No one’s been arrested, no one’s been accused, no one even talks about the crime anymore. It’s gone unanswered, but that sign in the heaven was given, when was it given? …. in 2017, so the sign was completed on Yom Kippur in 2017.
    1) Israel attacked who on Yom Kippur, I think, in 1967.”
    I have more remarks on this symbolism, but am still studying it, so I don’t want to add them yet.

    Everybody needs to get this through their heads. The accused are usually only patsies for what they themselves did. These mass shootings are nothing but blood sacrifices. WEN ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO WAKE UP? hey don’t care who laughs at them as long as they can continue to get away with these BLOOD SACRIFICES of INNOCENT CHILDREN and ADULTS.
    They are 100% SATANIC!!!!
    The FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. – ALL OF THEM!!!! And they’e NOT going to stop UNTIL we NAIL them, AND I DO MEAN NAIL THEM, for who and what they are. They will do nothing about anything UNTIL WE nail them. These are the very same people, who nailed Christ to the cross. I think it’s way past time to nail Luciferian Satanists to the cross – Give them a good taste of THEIR OWN medicine.

  • This true/false flag (?… with dead students???) may have been perpetrated in Florida since that is the present residency of Wolfgang Halbig whose claim to fame is school safety and an impressive background in school administration, law enforcement, border agency, etc. He also was spearheading the investigation into what really happened at the Sandy Hook incident, for which he was threatened with a $55 Million lawsuit back in November of 2017 during which his defense attorney resigned due to fear for his life… his own or Wolfgang’s?? So this might have been pulled off to humiliate Wolfgang, and to take the heat off of the Sandy Hook perpetrators and “crisis actors”… Is there no end to this? Probably not since it serves to distract lots of the public from paying attention to the bigger picture of Fraud in every facet of our lives, throughout our lives. May I leave you with 4 words? ……. “Behold A Pale Horse!”

    • This was interesting. Glad that we each take a different path to investigate and locate the dots for connecting. Can you provide a link or two on the Wolfgang Halbig statements. If so, thanks, in advance.

  • Was it not strange that both interviewees appeared to be on the verge of laughing? I’ve seen that reaction when fear and adrenaline mix and leave a nervousness behind causing laughter. However, they also seemed to express a nonchalance which was just as odd. I’ve seen that behavior when a person lies but still attempts to convince. Whatever was going on, it was strange. I would typically be on the other side of the argument and more apt to believe the eye-witness accounts as stated because most of these shoot-‘um-ups are clearly staged false flag events put in play to meet a larger agenda (gun control, public fear mongering, etc.). However, the kids’ demeanor failed to convince me. I came away unconvinced. Which makes me ask the obvious question. Were they really involved as stated or are they acting for someone? If acting, then for whom?

    • Elle,
      yes this is almost the main question.
      Who is acting for whom?
      Who is in charge and who has to obey?
      Here I see a bipolar organism (bipolar god?) inside universal organism which is present outside a human organism and a singular organism (singular god?) inside a human organism, where splitting is over.
      Both are in charge and human beings has a choice to obey.
      However, this choice is not free because of the conditions of the DNA.

  • It is all again the same story for over millions of years:
    As long people has emotional pains inside their body and mind, these pains are the cause for causing pain inside other beings.
    The only possibility to come intot peace and love is to discover the own pains inside and transform them into love energy.
    It is possible………

    • No time for spiritual, snowflake BullS-it. Please stuff your emotional BS in Yoda’s ear and send him on a quest for eternal karma with lots of Aloe Vera.

        • The growing gap between the rich and the poor in the United States has remained one of the central themes for American society for several years. It results in street protests, is discussed in the Congress, articles and books are written about it, it is investigated by economists, political scientists, sociologists and journalists. But, in addition to heated debates, the gap between the social strata causes obvious problems in specific areas – and especially acutely affects education.
          Writer from

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