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    Friday night, I joined Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt to discuss bombshell revelations from former Huston Plan operative, Robert Merritt that President Nixon secreted a time capsule in the White House that contains a rich trove of ET/UFO disclosure, which he feels certain is still there!

    They also discuss Watergate lawyer, Douglas Caddy’s work to have the National Archives publicize the contents of the time capsule and to openly share them with the people.

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    • Alexandra, my web service is too slow to watch video clips, not to mention the pitiful limits of my PC system itself. Consequently I download these and watch them that way. The download link for this only nets an empty .txt file. This happens from time to time with your offerings, I don’t know why other than that more than a few of us do get messed with. That certainly includes you I’m sure. Can this link be repaired so that it is fully serviceable? Thank You

    • His name, or nick name was tricky Dick, and he earned it. I do also know he wanted what he thought was best for his country.

    • Thank you all for this. It is very exciting. It is extremely important work you are doing.

      I must still return to my earlier objections. DJ says here that since Merritt worked for these covert programs and clandestine agencies, he must therefore be telling the truth. To me it seems just as likely or more so, that his resume would indicate that he is lying or at least giving partial truths. After all what has he been doing his whole life? Working on projects which are dishonest in their nature. Why would he suddenly betray the people he has served faithfully for so many years, only to report about things which by his own admission he doesn’t care much about (aliens, UFOs)?

      The message of Merritt’s testimony is what? THAT AMERICA IS IN POSSESSION OF UNIMAGINABLE POWERS, which make the people who control these powers masters of the world. Can you imagine a scenario where it does not benefit the US defense organizations for the rest of the world to think that might be true?? Who would dare to provoke or attack us, if we had such power? The DOD absolutely wants the world to think that.

      Second, why would Merritt want to betray his beloved country’s security by revealing this? He has said that anyone possessing this technology could pose a terrible threat to the world. Why would he (or you guys, for that matter) want to endanger the planet by exposing it? Two minutes after we exploded the atom bomb, the Russians had one. Surely they and the Chinese and Pakistan will have this technology too if it were to be brought out. Why would Merritt, who has sacrificed so much for what he believes to be his country’s interest, now betray the biggest secret of all? Isn’t it possible that he is doing his country another service,, and giving out the impression that his military has unearthly power?

    • I’ll keep a neutral position on this Nixon time capsule and it’s alleged ET revelations until it is found and the contents revealed. IF it exists at all.

      Over decades, we’ve seen time after time promising material talked about that would be a real “bombshell,” only to have it poop out, leaving egg on many faces that had vouched for it before a thorough investigation had been completed.

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