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    Alexandra Bruce
    October 18, 2011

    The verbal confrontation between a decorated Marine Veteran and the NYPD has made him an overnight hero.

    Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas is a two-tour veteran of the war in Iraq. He knows what a real war zone is.

    He is shocked by the violence of the New York Police Department towards the peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters. He’s seen no evidence of protesters attacking cops but the NYPD has been videotaped on several occasions beating down unarmed women, as he told to Keith Olbermann last night.

    Sgt. Thomas says that this is not what he he went to war to defend. The Marines in Afghanistan wouldn’t respond with such violence against protesters throwing rocks at them!

    Sgt. Thomas’ parents are both 20-year veterans of Afghanistan and Vietnam. His grandfather served in World War Two.

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