Alexandra Bruce
October 21, 2011

Writer Chris Hedges spent 20 years abroad as a war correspondent. He says he came back and discovered that “Corporations had carried out a coup d’etat in my country.” He says:

“I was with the leaders of the opposition movement in Leipzig in East Germany on the afternoon of November 9, 1989 and they said that ‘perhaps within a year, there would be free passage back and forth across the Berlin Wall.’

“In a few hours, the Berlin Wall didn’t exist.

“I don’t think there’s any danger of this movement becoming co-opted by – which is a reprehensible organization – or the Democratic Party or anyone else – or the Teamsters.

“The fact is, what you’ve (#OWS) done, which they’ve not done – is fight back. And because you’ve fought back, they’ve been exposed for who they are. That’s why they’re running to you and attempting to restore whatever shred of credibility they have left.”

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