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    Excellent TV-style rendition of the “official” story by the History Channel.

    The Philadelphia Experiment legend was seeded into pop culture by the Office of Naval Research in 1955, through the publication of approximately 100 copies of what is now known as the “Varo Edition” of the classic book by Morris K. Jessup, “The Case of the UFO.”

    This “Varo Edition” contained the scrawlings by an individual who was clearly quite disturbed, describing what has come down to us in pop culture as “The Philadelphia Experiment.” This book was distributed to members of UFO study groups and the urban legend propagated out of these groups through the alternative media.

    I found a very different story in my own research, although it also involved a boat teleporting to Newport News, VA from Block Island Sound (not Philadelphia) and also involving an unfortunate sailor who became embedded in the ship’s hull.

    The story I uncovered did not involve the USS Eldridge of legend but a private yacht, the USS Thelma. It had been commandeered by the US Navy from its Connecticut owner during the war effort and outfitted with equipment to make it an experimental minesweeper. It was renamed the USS Martha’s Vineyard, with the hull designation IX-97. A picture of this boat can be seen in Samuel Eliot Morison’s “History of United States Naval Operations in World War II.” It was subsequently stripped of its secret technology, decommissioned by the Navy and returned to its owner.

    On April 20, 1959, Jessup allegedly committed suicide in a Dade County, FL park by inhaling the fumes from the hose connected from the exhaust pipe of his car to his rear window. (I sincerely hope that I don’t meet the same fate!)

    For more information please see my book, “The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes & the Physics of Insanity”.

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