This video was made by the completely self-taught independent filmmaker, Ignorance-Isn’t-Bliss (IIB) and it was originally posted in 2006.

I was working at a local cable TV station at the time and I showed it to the young producers who went wild over it.

If you’ve ever wondered what conspiracy theorists are talking about when they refer to a “microchipped society,” this video breaks down the various steps involved in putting something like that into practice.

Created by “Ignorance-Isn’t-Bliss” (IIB), this clip is amazing purely for the shock value of its information but the Miami club beats, the dispassionate lyrics and the computer-generated vocals make it that much better.

My favorite graphic appears during the final 4-minute climax of the piece:

“Rat Brain Flies F22 Simulator,” IIB then describes the splicing of rat (and possibly human) neurons into tiny, nano-scale synthetic processors, for the fabrication of “satellite-uplinked brain implants” that are easily “injectable by vein.”

According to IIB, the “…stated plan is to converge nanotech and infotech with synthetic biological cells for ‘cognitive’ uses. He cites the scientific paper, “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance,” of which the PDF is easily downloaded from the Internet.

IIB says the plan is to have all people uplinked to a vast centralized Artificial Intelligence grid by 2012.

He further alleges that the New Age movement has been co-opted into this plan to “fool people into expecting something like [the neurological effects produced by] this system & its related technologies with their so-called upcoming ‘transformation of consciousness’ event.”

This event, referred to by many New Agers as the “singularity” and which is often associated with the “2012” pop cultural mythos is actually – according to IIB – referring to DARPA’s goal for a humanity that is fully jacked into the Global Information Grid, where everybody’s past purchases, major decisions and the algorithms of everyone’s most likely future decisions are digitally merged into a hive mind…(yikes!)

Upsetting, maybe close to the truth and a classic home-grown video by Ignorance-Isn’t Bliss.

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