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Fascinating, well-produced clip featuring Dr. Alice Roberts interviewing locals of the island of Flores, Indonesia about legends of a race of tiny, hobbit-sized homonids called the ‘Ebu Gogo,’ which translates as “grandmother who eats meat.” They say these homonids inhabited the island along with them until the 15th century AD, when the Ebu Gogo were finally extinguished by their ancestors for poaching their livestock and kidnapping their children. This is counter to the accepted scientific view is that Homo florisiensis became extinct 12,000-15,000 years ago. Interestingly, these bones were NOT fossilized.

The locals tell her colorful the legends of hobbit women with large, drooping breasts, which they would “throw over their shoulders” when running.

Roberts is finally presented in a lab setting with a replica of the tiny skeletal remains of an Ebu Gogo adult, the original of which were found in 2003 by a team of Australian paleontologists.

Like everything in the realm of science, this discovery of unfossilized homonid bones dating back as far as 90,000 years ago is the subject of raging debate. Some say these were a parallel species to Homo sapiens, others say they’re closer to modern-day chimpanzees while others say these remains represent a severely “pathological” group of Homo sapiens, with extremely small brains and no chins, to speak of.

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