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    Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know takes a look at the resurgent Flat Earth Movement. 

    In my humble opinion, this Flat Earth meme is a wicked PsyOp, designed to tarnish the entire Alternative Media community with the same ignorant brush.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • It’s as simple as C/4= any sphere’s arc radius. A flat earths C is 75,000 miles. The globe model has a 25,000 C and a determined scale that is accurate. Not 1 single flat earth model has a determined scale. Now think about that. Every valid 2D flat map has a scale within the legend, except FE models. What does that tell you? Math doesn’t lie. The only way traveled distances, travel speed, and travel time all equate consistently from different destinations around the planet is by a globe model taking all 3 dimensions into account. You can’t take a 3D model, flatten it, and expect the scale per mathematics to be correct. It’s impossible. Hence FE theory is purely science fiction and not fact. It’s interesting to think about, and some of their observations are quite plausible, but the math involved is impossible to determine a valid working, observable scale upon their own models, and make the work consistently. Sorry but that drives the nail in the coffin, if every FE MODEL or MAP.

    • People believe it’s a sphere because that’s what they habe been brainwashed to believe since they were freaking born. It’s flat

    • I just heard of this as a serious topic recently but I find it curious that the so called “flat earthers have fact after fact, while the debunkers constantly go for spin. why not evidence? Not once, not yet.

    • Alexandra is spot on with her analysis for this one. If you hang around alternative circles long enough (decades in our case) you can instantly spot these ops for what they are. This particular one, though, is so obvious, it’s almost as if they’re thumbing their nose at us, saying, “Looky what we can do.” It’s up to us to use discernment and police our own.

    • The fact that from any two points on earth, can be triangulated, of infinite observational points on earth, and have, proves depth and distance between these points, which proves volume and depth absolutely proves its somewhat circular circumference. Unless you believe that every person that has ever observed the heavens, which would include ancient astronomical observers, and all data generated from satellites, weather stations , and observatories are in on the deception. If you truly believe that i have some waterfront in the arctic to sell you at current vancouver canada market rates!!

    • So a flat Earth has a singe hotter line across it which could be called the equator and this flat Earth somehow topples up and down to make the days longer or shorter depending where you are on this flat place.

      I don’t think so, only, what we feel in terms of the hotter and cooler climes say its ROUND.

      What a waste of good air time

    • Dude, your video is weak and without substance. The simple Fact is, the earth globe circumference is 25,000 miles, and a curvature of 8 in. drop per mile looks like this: 1 mile = 8 in drop, 5 mile = 200 in / 16.67 ft drop, 10 mile = 800 in / 66.68 ft drop, 40 mile = 1,066 ft drop, 80 mile = 4,268 ft drop, 100 mile = 6,669 ft drop, 300 mile = 60,101 ft drop. Here below are two compelling videos among many others I have copy/pasted for you. Watch both videos and see the proof that mankind has been deceived and brainwashed in unimaginable ways. And lastly, Water will always find its flatness…..It cannot be curved. It cannot have a hump in it. From California to Hawaii it is 2,467 miles. Between the two states there should be a “hump” of 770 miles/drop. No hump is physically possible in water. USE YOUR EYES!!! >>COMMERCIAL AIRLINER from LAX to FRA YouTube Video (13:00) >>FLIGHT PATH OF ISS (30:00)

    • I just can’t believe a website dedicated to Forbidden Knowledge is making the statement that the Flat Earth movement is a “wicked Psy-Op. In the last year so much good solid information has come out on the Flat Earth (or it could be said, “The Earth is not a spinning ball”) I’m in month 18 since I was introduced to it and still have told friends and family I’ll make my final decision in July 2016, allowing plenty of time for investigating both sides. I’ll tell you right now that the evidence has clearly gone over a geocentric/ flat model versus a ball concept.

    • So if I were handed a compass and used some orienteering skills to head due South, according you your disc I could head in any direction? What a load of crock.

    • NASA and their satellites are the ones who give us the ‘pictures’ from outer space and astronauts who have never been to the moon (but claim they have been) are the ones giving us information. do you trust either one of them. i don’t. just sayin.

    • Excellent Comments Dan,
      I liked the Physics explanation you gave Dan. I too am into SCIENCE and am both a Glider or Sailplane Pilot who owns my own 15 meter or nearly fifty foot or fifteen metre wing-span single seater Racing Sailplane. I am also an Aero-Tow Pilot who tows these gliders or sailplane aloft in a Callair 235 Horse Powered Callair Tug or Tow Plane for now nigh on 12 years. I have been a glider pilot for now just on Sixty (60) Years, it’s a great adventure. Yes Dan the EARTH is definitely A Globe and we live on it’s outer surface. If you want a good laugh, get hold of the vinyl Record called Fullers Earth. It deals with Mr Jeremiah Clark who is the President of the English Flat Earth Society. Ha ha ha ha.
      Yes Dan these Flat Earther’s still cannot explain to me why the Galaxies in Space are drifting apart at speeds which increase with the distances between them growing greater every second.

    • Motive:
      If the world is a globe it is an enclosure where there is no escape. We are livestock and our masters have indoctrinated us to be obedient sheep thru religions, governments and education. Even our own society forces us to obey authority. If the Flat Earth mentality took hold of our minds and we could see there are vast amounts of resources elsewhere the door of the pen would be open and we would be free. he masters would lose their power of control over us.

      Admiral Richard E. Byrd – South Pole Video Interview
      THE SECRET LAND – Operation High Jump – Antarctica Expedition 1947
      In 1947 Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal sent a naval task force to Antarctic including Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Krusen and Admiral Byrd, called “Operati…

    • “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something that you do not know anything about it”. Dr. Wayne Dyer
      Most of us do not have firsthand knowledge about the Flat Earth or the Globe all we think we know is hearsay. We have been programmed to see things in certain ways, thru our parents, religion, society, governments and education. Flat Earth could very well be a Psy Op but the Globe could be one of the biggest lies we have been indoctrinated with.
      In an interview with Admiral Byrd after his first trip to Antarctica he said that it was a huge continent the size of the U. S., with vast amounts of coal, minerals and probably Uranium.
      What kind of agreement was reached between the countries of the world and why? Why we do not hear anything more about the great resources waiting there?

    • Any one who believes this planet is flat he is not better than the mentality of the soudi’s fucked up cleric.

    • Nice to see unbiased content. My earlier comment was deleted, so I ask again, Where is the large hump in the sea? Why is there no stellar parallax?
      This guy is very biased and not into research…. So Prove the earth is a large ball without using info from NASA…. B

    • Why do the weather patterns move from west to east in both the northern and southern hemisphere? Study conservation of angular momentum and then track a molecule of air from the equator (moving at approx 1000 miles per hour) to some other latitude and you will see that its velocity doesn’t change, but its ground speed has to since its traveling around a smaller circle. If it was all flat, there is nothing in physics to cause this. And why can’t you see the southern cross from the northern hemisphere? Nor can you see the north star from the southern. The early explorers would not venture west into the Atlantic if they could not see the north star. Why?

    • How does one explain different time zones the? When it day over here in the U.S., it’s night time in Thailand. That’s’ it, I’m done wasting my morning! Unfortunately this planet seems riddled with ignorance. No wonder only 1% is in control.

    • I don’t know for sure if it’s round or flat- but I do know we’ve been lied to about everything else so it very well could be flat. As far as the video goes, I think it was useless. He obviously believes the earth is round, but had very little proof of it.

    • Well its a fact that when we look at other plants, moons and our very own sun through a telescope they are without a doubt a sphere. If one knows anything about sacred geometry, you will know that it is absurd to think that we are floating around on a flat surface. It goes against everything in nature and the frequencies that make up our solar system. Come on people! Wake up! Let’s be the intelligent beings we were created to be and stop wasting time on nonsense.

    • Flat Earth resurgence is being led & energy is being put into it, imho. Psyop description fits especially after some ‘debate’ I’ve had on YouTube with Flat Earthers. I think it’s to muddy the waters & pump smoke around the mirrors around the Moon landing(s)…

    • whether it is a plane or globe the bad guys are going to use the split to make everyone hate each other. Just look around you and you will see a reason to take sides everywhere. I have no investment in flat earth nor do I have investment in globe. What I see with my own eyes every night is Polaris stationary in the sky with all the other “stars” arcing around it. So let’s all have a cup of tea together and watch the sky and share with each other what we see.

    • So, if it’s a disk, what is on the bottom side? Must be where the plumbing is hidden, eh?

    • get back to me when you document the edge, perhaps include some photos of the underneath side, you know where the gophers live, or is that where the beings we think live in the center of the hollow earth really live, not inside but on the bottom, or just possibly it is round just like all the other celestial bodies we see with even the simplest form of telescope

    • I am pleased to see that FKTV has finally issued some sort of statement regarding the flat earth. It is only a pity that this was the video source, when there are really well made examples available. I suggest that viewers who want some answers to intelligent questions and are prepared to use some of their senses to get to the truth go across to an important site, where positive research can be done.
      Flat Earth is not a psi op, the ball is.
      Instead of listening to this guy banging on about a subject he has never studied, contemplate the following…. Where is the bulge in the ocean? Why do we not see any stellar parallax? B

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