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September 3, 2014

Would it interest you to know who helped the ruthless massacring psychopaths, now known as “IS” aka the Islamic State, aka ISIS, aka ISIL, aka Al-Qaeda in Iraq to rise to power? Would it interest you to know who armed them, funded them and trained them? Would it interest you to know why?

The story of ISIS is a replay of the arming of the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, which culminated in the demise of the Soviet Union.

It’s just a way to destabilize and destroy the self-determination of Middle Eastern nations, to maintain the only business left that America does better than anyone: war.

What’s even better, the USG arms psychopathic proxies to do their dirty work for them, such as the “Islamic State” (IS) the artist formerly known as ISIS, aka ISIL, “al Qaeda in Iraq” and any other bloodthirsty psychos they can attract to fight by their side (hence the masks and reports of make-up to darken the skin of some non-Middle Eastern fighters).

On September 3, 2014, Retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney admitted: “We Helped Build ISIS.” This was achieved through the overthrow of the Libya, the African country with the highest standard of living in 2010, before the US and NATO troops invaded and killed its plastic-surgeried Generalissimo-for-Life. But life was undoubtedly better then.

Ever since the West’s “humanitarian” efforts of 2011, Libya has plunged into chaos, extremism and poverty. With funding provided by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the entire Libyan arsenal was smuggled to Syria via Turkey (a NATO ally) in what Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist, Seymour Hersh described as “rat lines” in order for the West to use its psycho-jihadist Arab proxies to take down the Assad regime. As of now, IS has 35% penetration of Syria.

US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens had served as the US government’s liaison to the Libyan rebels since April of 2011. With Stevens dead, any direct US involvement in that arms shipment was buried, and Washington would continue to claim that they had not sent heavy weaponry into Syria.

in June of 2014, ISIS made its dramatic entry, crossing over the Syrian border into Iraq, capturing Mosul, Baiji and almost reaching Baghdad. The Internet was suddenly flooded with footage of drive-by shootings, large-scale death marches, and mass graves. And of course, any Iraqi soldier that was captured was executed.

Massive quantities of American military equipment were seized during that operation. ISIS took entire truckloads of humvees, they took helicopters, tanks, and artillery. They photographed and videotaped themselves and advertised what they were doing on social media, and yet for some reason Washington didn’t even TRY to stop them.

US military doctrine clearly calls for the destruction of military equipment and supplies when friendly forces cannot prevent them from falling into enemy hands, but that didn’t happen here. ISIS was allowed to carry this equipment out of Iraq and into Syria unimpeded. The US military had the means to strike these convoys, but they didn’t lift a finger, even though they had been launching drone strikes in Pakistan that same week.

Why would they do that?

Though Obama plays the role of a weak, indecisive, liberal president, and while pundits from the right have had a lot of fun with that image, this is just a facade. Some presidents, like George W. Bush, rely primarily on overt military aggression. Obama gets the same job done, but he prefers covert means. Not really surprising considering the fact that Zbigniew Brzezinski was his mentor.

Those who know their history will remember that Zbigniew Brzezinski was directly involved in the funding and arming the Islamic extremists in Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to weaken the Soviets.

By the way Osama bin Laden was one of these anti-Soviet “freedom fighters” the US was funding and arming.

This operation is no secret at this point, nor are the unintended side effects.

Officially, the US government’s arming and funding of the Mujahedeen was a response to the Soviet invasion in December of 1979, however in his memoir entitled ‘From the Shadows’ Robert Gates, director of the CIA under Ronald Reagan and George Bush Senior, and Secretary of Defense under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, revealed that the US actually began the covert operation 6 months prior, with the express intention of luring the Soviets into a quagmire. (You can preview the relevant text on google books)

The strategy worked. The Soviets invaded, and the ten years of war that followed are considered by many historians as being one of the primary causes of the fall of the USSR.

This example doesn’t just establish precedent, what we’re seeing happen in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria right now is actually a continuation of a old story. Al-Nusra and ISIS are ideological and organizational decedents of these extremist elements that the US government made use of thirty years ago.

The US the went on to create a breeding ground for these extremists by invading Iraq in 2003. Had it not been for the vacuum of power left by the removal and execution of Saddam, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, aka ISIS, would not exist. And had it not been for Washington’s attempt at toppling Assad by arming, funding and training shadowy militant groups in Syria, there is no way that ISIS would have been capable of storming into Iraq in June of 2014.

On every level, no matter how you cut it, ISIS is a product of US government’s twisted and decrepit foreign policy.

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