Alexandra Bruce
May 20, 2013

This is the official music video for “Singuarity” by Steve Aoki featuring artist, My Name Is Kay and Angger Dimas with a special appearance by futurist and technologist, Ray Kurzweil


Special thanks to Ray Kurzweil, Barry Ptolemy and Oliver Luckett!

Story: Steve Aoki
Director: Gille Klabin
Cinematographer: Aaron Grasso
Producers: Maxwell Riesberg & Josh Shadid
Production Company: CNCNTRTE (
Production Design: Paul Bianc
SFX Make Up: Mark Villalobos
Make Up: Daniela M. Grasso / Christina Derryberry
Costume: Heather Karasek
Hair: Marissa Rodriguez
VFX Supervisor: Joe Harkins
VFX Artists: Patrick Lawler / Andrew Collins
Editor: Gille Klabin
Subtitle GFX: Tom Cole
Matt Painting: Geoffrey Ernault
1st Assistant Director: Mike Campbell
1st Assistant Camera: Rich Hawkinson
2nd Assistant Camera: David Solorzano
Key Grip: Ron Speed
Best Boy: Corbin Speed
Gaffer: Beau Spencer
Grips: Kevin Chiu / Justin Palmer
Production Coordinators: Will Adamy / Alyssa Fisher
Sound & Mix Design: Lisle Engle C.A.S.
Colorist: Shane Reed

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