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Alexandra Bruce
July 30, 2013

Ready! Get set! Tinfoil Hat time!


Bill Otinger
April 19, 2012

youtube SOFIA SMALLSTORM, Used in ConJuction with SEE on youtube= ( Digital TV, HAARP, GWEN, Silent Sound & Mind Control Technologies Part 1 )””READ ALL of THIS”””””It Reproduces in our Mucous, BACTERIA in our BRAINS we are being Turned into ROBOTS, For whole Movie see TRANCE-FORMATION 1/7 by Max Egan

Too Much Candida in our Guts gets into our BLOOD then Grows in our Heart , BRAIN etc, Yeast infection , Ring Worm, Rash, Not Treated with a Natural Antibiotic followed with 10 days of High Dose of PROBIOTICS then Normal Dose rest of Life Provides the Perfect Environment for the NANO TEC in Chem Trails to REPRODUCE in

Once Nano Tec gets into our Body/Brain they can sent MESSAGES into our MINDS with Smart Meters on Homes (Cover Back Area with Tin Foil) Gwen Towers, HAARP

Do a PARASITE CLEANSE some are getting good Results with Cost $15.00 WARNERS’S P-SITES, then for 10 days take HIGH DOSE of PROBIOTICS then Natural Dose for Rest of Life, also use Blender Consume RAW FOODS

Check ACID Level in your Body, Get PH Plastic Sticks, a ACID Body is Perfect for Disease to Reproduce in , Last Three People I have Checked had 5-to 6.5 ACID Level, need 7 to 7.5, Get Red Mill Baking Soda it will Remove ACID, also Regual Baking Soda will Help,

High ACID makes people FEEL TIRED, etc.

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Alexandra Bruce

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