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Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, decries the ongoing “calamity” of the TSA at USairports, having just introduced his own legislation, the “American Traveler Dignity Act.”

Ron Paul, a former practicing physician who has served in Congress at both State and Federal levels for 25 years was marginalized by the mainstream media when he ran for president against Obama and McCain. However, he is routinely more logical than most elected officials.

Here, he says that he has often come before the Congress to criticize: “The terrible foreign policy we’ve had, the terrible monetary policy, the excessive spending and the debt,” but on this occasion he was standing up help to remedy the horrors being committed in US airports.

While granting that the US lost 3,000 lives on that terrible day almost ten years ago, that “We have also lost 6,000 military personnel trying to rectify this.”

He sees the ongoing TSA calamity in today’s airports as yet another symptom of US Citizens not standing up for their Civil Rights but he expresses hope that this situation becomes the tipping point that will finally awaken US masses from their “submissive” slumber.

Ron Paul expresses his disgust that the former Chief of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff is personally profiting from these new scanning machines, whose medical safety remains untested and which are potentially unsafe — these words coming from an MD who knows a lot more about human health and medicine than the majority of US lawmakers.

Ron Paul explains that the safety of a business or private property is supposed to be the responsibility of the business & property owner/s — *not* by bureaucrats!

This may sound like a far-out, “Libertarian” view but it is actually US Federal Law: Airports in Florida, New Jersey, New York and Idaho, so far have begun preparations to replace the TSA with private security firms, with the hopes that these will provide improved security and less harassment to the paying customers/traveler. Ron Paul praises the “Opt-Out” day proposed by air travel customers is a great idea.

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