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    Alexandra Bruce
    May 31, 2014

    Red Ice Radio was founded in 2001 in Sweden by Henrik Palmgren and it’s still going strong.

    In this interview, Palmgren discusses with respected UFO historian, Richard Dolan the possibility of a “breakaway civilization,” based on leaks, of which Richard has been privy.

    Dolan speculates that a “breakaway civilization” is a logical conclusion to observations in space that have been made and he suspects that it began to get seriously underway during the 1950s and 1960s. Dolan suspects that it is largely funded by narcotics trafficking, which have been applied towards the development of flying craft and space stations, which are far ahead of the disclosed technology of NASA. Dolan states that some members of NASA are aware of of the secret space program but most are not. He cites Astronaut, Clark McClelland as someone who has leaked information about these “special access,” Black Budget programs.

    Yet, Dolan suggests that even our currently disclosed technologies are developing so quickly, that within a generation, there may actually be no distinction between the breakaway and the mainstream worlds.

    He says that the main reason for UFO secrecy, up till now has been the potential of alternative sources of energy to spell the destruction of the hydrocarbon industry – and the innumerable industries associated with it; the millions of jobs, the billions of dollars.

    He says that whether we like it or not, we’re going to have to face the fact of extraterrestrial life – and that fast on the heels of this revelation, will be a post-petroleum world.

    In fact, Dolan says UFOs represent the inevitable post-petroleum solution the environmental devastation now being wrought by the pollution produced by the extraction and combustion of petroleum and the garbage created by its most ubiquitous by-product, plastic.

    Dolan does not envision these inevitable transitions, of technology and civilization to be harmonious and suspects that there will certainly be strife – but that there is no stopping it.


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