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March 29, 2012


What are your children learning, or rather not learning, in the classroom? The New York City Department of Education is looking out for the feelings of its students by banning words they deem offensive. No, this isn’t the list of “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” Companies that make standardized testing have been instructed to ban some of the following words and topics: dinosaurs, Halloween, birthday, dancing (except ballet), and computers (unless mentioned in reference to schools and libraries).

Megyn Kelly asked Monica Crowley on America Live if this is satirical news straight from The Onion. Crowley replied that this is “absurd” but the official mandate includes all public schools citywide because “certain children might be offended because they can’t afford a computer in the home, therefore seeing that word in that context on a test might insult them.”

One of the words on the list is slavery, to which Megyn pointed out that they’re “literally eliminating historical facts because they’re worried that it’s going to upset someone.” Crowley agreed to her point adding, “Real historical events that our students should be learning about in context, understanding why it happened, why either the dinosaurs or slavery no longer exists.”

She also recalled being a kid in New Jersey and going on school field trips to the Museum of Natural History, “Full of guess what? Dinosaurs!” Megyn pointed out beyond political correctness, “They’re seriously creating knowledge gaps for the children.”

The school’s intention is to protect kids from the harsh realities of life, but Crowley says you can only do that for so long and “It is getting dangerous because it’s getting to the point where the state, through the citywide school districts, are making this as a mandate.”

Another topic on the list that teachers are cautioned from mentioning is terrorism. As Megyn realistically pointed out, “In New York City … I mean some of these kids lost parents on 9/11 and you’re not supposed to educate them in any way or mention on a test the word terrorism?”

Tell us where you stand! Is the Department of Education correct for banning such topics, or are they going overboard?

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