Alexandra Bruce
May 24, 2014

Early in the morning in October, several men broke into Gracie Escamilla’s Texas home. Hurtling themselves over their fence and entering without knocking. She suspected that a gang of violent criminals were raiding her home. But actually, they were Federal law enforcement officials.

Why agents would do this sort of raid on a non-violent grandmother who had no criminal record?

Bryan Preston reports on this, and joins Bill Whittle, so that they can get to the bottom of this.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • FBI is a terrorist organization. They hurt,kill, an distroy lives in the civilian level . Because this clowns have nothing to do so they assume an fabricate crap in there minds. Me personally tried to murder me set me up in a car accident in Fullerton CA on harbor Blvd an Valencia mesa Apparently they didn’t like my freedom of speech an spiritually an what they heard over my phone while listening an spying. This agency is not necessary it needs to be shut down waste of tax dollars. Everything is fabricated. That’s why they get shot because hurting people in secret without real evidence is the worst karma in the universe. Don’t trust there community of rats in your local neighbor Hood, they’ll make up s#$t as they go along


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