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    DJ from Level9News is on Caravan to Midnight with host, John B. Wells to speak about the future of invasive technologies, an increasingly sentient Internet, social media, information filters that choose the information on the Internet, data collection, government, technocracy, Wi-Fi, transhumanism, computer and robotic assimilation…

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    • Often when technology is revealed to the public, it has been there and has already evolved to a much more advanced state than is being shown. Rumors going that transferring the consciousness is already going on. Did David Bowie really die?
      Check out Donald Marshall on cloning.

    • The goog has been ‘tailoring’ searches for well over a decade. They bragged about how it would ‘get to know you and your information quests’ and make your searches faster and closer to what you ‘naturally’ are looking for. I stopped using the goog (gag) shortly after I learned that tidbit.
      Part of the original funding to the goog came from DARPA linked In-q-tel, so the backdoor has been open since that first fakeout BS about doing their IPO on the net and circumventing investment bankers…hmmmm, could that have given ‘certain’ entities an inside track outside the official public record of the SEC?

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