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    Since 1990, fifty-nine research papers have been published about GcMAF, the vitamin D-binding macrophage, as holding promise in the cures for cancer, autism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Rheumotoid Arthritis, Diabetes Type 2 and the Cytokine storms of acute viral infections. GcMAF may, in fact be our immune systems’ best defense against cancer, viruses and other infections.

    In this clip, Dr. Ted Broer from describes the processes of GcMAF and nagalase and how the presence of nagalase in a blood test can be used for the early detection of cancers. Likewise, serial testing for nagalase levels can be used to track the effectiveness of the treatment of cancers and viruses.

    Macrophages are a type of white blood cell, which ingest and destroy pathogens in the body, as a major component of the body’s immune response. GcMAF is a cell-signaling glyco-protein which communicates to the macrophages. Nagalase is an enzyme that disrupts this signalling process. It presents a major stumbling block to finding a cure to viruses and cancers in modern medicine, which in turn are treated with “Scorched-Earth”, chemo tactics.

    The enzyme, nagalase (short for a-N-acetylgalactosaminidase) is produced by cancer cells and viruses and it causes immunodeficiency. It degrades the Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF) in blood by not allowing vitamin D to bind with the Gc protein present in blood, to create GcMAF, thus preventing the immune system from doing its job and allowing  cancers and viruses to multiply and spread, without any resistance.

    Strangely, autistic children consistently present elevated levels of nagalase in their blood, not present at the time of their birth. Several doctors appear to have deduced that vaccinations are the vector. Dr. Broer suggests that this information is so damning to the entire medical profession and to the vaccine industry, that these holistic doctors are seen as a risk. As Dr. Broer says, “Apparently, they didn’t want these guys around.”

    These doctors are no longer with us.

    In June of 2015, a suspicious pattern began to emerge of holistic physicians dying of unnatural causes. Some were killed violently, while others with no history of heart disease or mental illness were found dead of “heart attack” or “suicide.” There have been at least 13 of these tragic and disturbing cases in the US, thus far. Some of these doctors, such as Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, practicing in North Carolina had treated 1,100 autistic cases with GcMAF, with an 85% response rate and 15% with complete remediation of their symptoms.

    Dr. Bradstreet was found floating in a river, with a gunshot wound to the chest (which some have determined could not possibly have been self-inflicted). At the time of his death, he’d been on the road to meet his wife for a romantic getaway and had just stopped to buy some hummus, Perrier and a bottle of wine.

    CBS46 saw a receipt for the Ingles grocery store where he stopped. After leaving the store, Dr. Bradstreet then went to the historic Lake Lure Inn and Spa, his favorite spot, which is located about 200 miles northeast of Atlanta in North Carolina.

    “According to Dr. Bradstreet’s widow, they had visited the place often. His room wasn’t ready, so he asked the hotel to call him when it would be available.

    “Dr. Bradstreet was later found dead in a small river off the road.”

    Others, too may have been experimentally treating some of their patients with GcMAF. Some had already run afoul of the FDA. We are living in extremely dark times, where pharmaceutical mega-conglomerates have been found to have “Hit Lists” against certain doctors. The laboratory in Europe which was producing GcMAF has recently been shut down.

    In September 2015 in Germany, 29 physicians attending a homeopathy conference were violently poisoned and hospitalized, dazed and complaining of cramps and hallucinations, in what may have been a case of attempted mass-homicide and in what fire service spokesman, Mathias Köhlbrandt said was a situation that he had never encountered before:

    “Men and women lay with cramps in the garden and in front of the building,” he said, adding they did not seem to have knowingly taken a drug.

    It was later determined that their food and beverages had been dosed with 2C-E, a powerful “dirty” street psychedelic that has some similarities to LSD. Presumably, this case is still under investigation. No further information available, at this time.

    The number of doctor deaths increased by one in late December. However, it was not publicly reported until last week on February 16, 2016; the death of Professor Alan Clarke (52), director of the European Institute for Research on stem cells and cancer. He’d set out to go hiking with his dog and was found hanged on a tree by a dog leash around his neck and a hood on his head.

    In classic British Intelligence style, Dr. Alan Clark’s body was found dressed in a blue-black rubber suit, along with the dog leash and hood, leaving an impression of a creepy sex fetish. Over the decades, MPs and agents of British Intelligence have been found murdered in similar attire, most likely, to dissuade their families from pushing to have these deaths investigated any further, in the fear that more shameful (bogus) sexual details be revealed.

    Clark’s wife and the mother of their of two children has avowed that suicide was the furthest thing from her husband’s mind. Some colleagues speculate that Clark was killed because he he’d obtained the lab results that questioned the efficacy some bestselling chemo drugs.

    We must keep our eyes out for further developments in this story and act upon the information which was hard won by these doctors, who were viciously murdered for the advances they made in their work, by the forces of greed and genocide, which define the murderous, fascist agenda of Big Pharma – and indeed, of our era.

    (This article was originally published before the tragic and totally unexpected death of Dr. Nick Gonzalez who was found dead in the stairwell of his expensive Manhattan apartment on July 21, 2016).

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    • I am a Holistic Physician and knew several of the victims personally. This is mafia style racketeering at its best. With criminals in both government and industry orchestrating and perpetuating these crimes against these honorable and courageous men and women as well as their patients and their families.

      I, for one, am not afraid of these assassins. We will see justice soon.

    • killer guitar sound on that opening track.
      What a cool song too?
      Wish I knew where to get it.
      If anybody knows?
      Please send me line.

    • Drugs have been illegal for years and yet look how easy it is to find what you want. If this were free information on too many sites to reign in, people from all over the world would access it and quietly go into business.. I’m all for transparency but this is too important to just shrug off! Are we going to stand by and just say ok, we’ll take your chemo and die quietly? Or are we going to stand up for what’s right?

    • What a large group or 501c3 needs to do is raise money and start putting these messages on the billboards on the free ways.
      The only way to educate is repeat /repeat/ repeat….the people need to see this everyday. The people are not told, they need to see this stuff everyday!!!

      Any ideas on how to start raising money to let the drivers of the world know?

    • That might work unless the FDA, CDC, & other corrupt regulatory agencies ruled it illegal and used government force to stop doctors from making & treating their patients with it. We do need freedom-loving people to take the initiative.

    • Someone has the recipe. Soneone brave and clever needs to just put it on the internet so any doctor can recreate it.

      The French resistance worked wonders. Maybe it’s time for a world resistance against the enemy.

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