If it smells good, will you buy it?

Consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman reports on the great lengths retailers will go to in order to appeal to the buying public’s sense of smell.

>>> this morning on “today’s” consumer.

>> consumer correspondent janice lieberman is here to explain.

>> the next time you head to the mall take a deep breath to smell what we mean. store owners hope a sweet bouquet makes you want to linger so they can wake up and smell the profits. certain products have always been best known by their scent, but what about shoes, motorcycles, and sunglasses? solstice sun glass stores bring in the smell of coconut.

>> gives you the feeling that you arrived at the beach.

>> nine west is starting to romance their customers with the aroma of mandarin and rose buds. it’s a marketing technique.

>> they identify, they linger longer and they buy.

>> reporter: i followed my nose to this lab where one of the largest scent marketing companies comes up with unique ways to brand products.

>> we recently came up with a small for a well known motorcycle store. sun and sky, dirt.

>> dirt.

>> dirt smells like something.

>> reporter: at casinos like the bellagio and mgm grand you might detect notes of lavender and sage.

>> smells like a westin.

>> reporter: they’ll smell that.

>> i thought fall opened ouptown first floor.

>> reporter: to demonstrate how it works, they asked us for a list of words that best capture the “today” show. we chose bresh, bright, timely, and family. scent designers say fresh might be citrus notes, bright, floral, family, a warm amber aroma.

>> we as human beings are capable of smelling over 10,000 different scents.

>> reporter: it’s a trend that’s growing in spite of the economic downturn. the idea is to keep the new customers the recession brought in.

>> when i go to a store, if it smells bad, i don’t go in.

>> reporter: the organization is out to change that. everybody loves apple pie , mom’s apple pie .

>> reporter: so is this the trend of the moment or will the smell linger. retailers cashing in on the sweet smell of success . retail analysts say it’s a trend that’s here to stay partially because it works on men and women, which is kind of interesting. you say you have a much better[sense of] smell.

>> and it’s a curse because then you smell all the bad smells too.

>> true.

>> i’m now smelling our “today” show scent. you have the machine here. if i had not seen the machine, i wouldn’t have have said anything. but it does feel —

>> i would have thought it with us the perfume you were wearing.

>> fresh, optimistic, bright new day, that’s what we asked them sfr. citrus —

>> can you name any of the other smells?

>> i smell grass, like grassy.

>> hey, hey, hey, not around here. oh, you mean like —

>> fresh cut grass.

>> okay. i understand.

>> water lilies, freesia, lily of the valley , amber tone, to start your day fresh with happy happiness and brightness.

>> folks don’t have to scratch their screen to smell this.


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March 25, 2012

The Today Show covers Scent Marketing and Prolitec creates a unique Today Show scent.

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