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May 9, 2012

Kaltofen explains the scientific methodology involved in accurately analyzing and measuring radioactive releases from Fukushima Daiichi, including the impact of hot particles on human physiology.

This is the first video on NEW fairewinds site, look into link. All comments are welcome, that give us insight into the consequences humanity is facing because of nuclear negligence and unconscious exploitation of nuclear technology

Our voice is: End the Nuke Era Now!!

Thanks Mr. Gundersen for giving us further instruments to understanding,
to inform all those who are not getting the message!
We must unite our voices, make them louder, clearer, examine our

The situation coming from Fukushima is of global concern: radiation is spreading worldwide! We demand radiation monitoring all over the globe!! We demand scientific community all come together and solve this mayhem situation. Truth must be be told and actions must be taken to protect life for all generations to come Now!

New Link:

Arnie Gundersen/Fairewinds Associates:
in Japanese:

Fairewinds’ Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen and Boston Chemical Data
Corporation’s Founder Marco Kaltofen have an in-depth conversation regarding
the challenges of measuring radiation exposures to people around the globe.

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