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Two scientists with high level security clearances describe the ground-based and satellite technologies which can beam holographic images of religious figures and UFOs over an region, such as a battlefield, to influence enemy surrender — or maybe to cause US Citizens to comply with their own government?

Who knows? The scientists are not allowed to discuss the details but one admits that “American technology needs to be tested on Americans — and American Citizens have already been damaged by the testing” of what some researchers call “Project Blue Beam.”

This technology was being tested at the Army base at Fort Huachuca, Arizona in the 1990s at the time of this interview.

Today, with much of the US news media functioning like the “politburo” mouthpiece of a failing state, it may be best to be mindful of what could really be behind the recent spate of UFO reports and how these may have been used to divert attention away from other events or reports that are more vital to people’s everyday interests.

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