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    This video was uploaded with comments by The Living Light Network one June 15, 2011:

    “What do 50 USC 1512 & 1520a, 111 STATUTE 915, Public Law 105-85 and 483 U.S. 669 have in common?

    “They are the US Codes, US Statute, US Congressional, and US Supreme Court means by which the US Department of Defense was given the legal Federal authority to conduct the synthetically bioengineered experiment in the Gulf of Mexico to eliminate the BP oil and gas.

    “This has resulted in the legal deaths and diseases of human, animal and plant life; the deterioration of food and water; and the damaging alteration of the environment. While this was a legal Federal Government act, such insanity is a far cry from being moral or lawful. Once again, the civilian population in America has been the object of a biological experiment.

    “Listen in every Friday for two hours of Gulf of Mexico Blue Plague discussions, interviews with special guests, and updates with Gulf coast resident and Living Light Network host Michael Edward.”

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