Needless to say, hyenas and kangaroos are not native to the New World. It’s unlikely these crossbreeds are the result of escaped exotic pets that spontaneously mated with wild coyotes, as these these species of animals are too genetically different to crossbreed in nature. They’re either radical mutations or genetically engineered – by whom or why, unknown.

One may not agree with all of the opinions (or font choices) of its creator, but this homemade video does a good job of gathering great video of animals that are not supposed to exist.

There is police footage of a boar-headed beast roaming the land around Abilene, TX as well as images from another Texas case, where the news anchor accurately describes the appearance of the dead creature as a “mix of a hairless dog, a rat and a kangaroo.”

The background history of the Chupacabra phenomenon is presented, with a compilation of stories featured on The History Channel, CNN and several local news stations. We also have the rare opportunity to hear the entire soundtrack of “The X Files” composed by Mark Snow.

The phenomenon of “cryptid” animals raiding livestock began in the mid-1990s and continues to be reported, mostly in Southwestern States of the US, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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