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ICU: PsyOp Recovery Program
Joani Isberg-Herron
April 2, 2013

Former DHS employee, Julia Davis’ harrowing story is the subject of a movie released in the summer of 2012, ‘Top Priority: The Terror Within,” [which I am working to make available as a VOD].

The film takes the audience through the events that led up to her property being swarmed and raided by a SWAT team of 27 and a blackhawk helicopter along with the deaths of four people surrounding the case. The film also depicts the illegal raid, and her vindication, though short lived, when she took her former employer, the Department of Homeland Security or DHS, to court.

The nightmare had only begun for actress Brittany Murphy, who were asked to testify against Julia, but instead enlisted the help of a lawyer and spoke out in favor of Julia and her husband BJ, the producer of the film that she was working on at the time. In classic psyop style, Brittany and her new husband Simon were the focus of a smear campaign in the DHS’s attempt to discredit them as they had the Davis’ and others involved in the case. Although Julia and BJ escaped death, Brittany and Simon did not.

Find out more about the sinister tactics used by the DHS, police and coroner’s office and the terror they put Brittany Murphy through before her life so tragically an mysteriously came to an end by visiting: .

See also: ICU: Psyop Recovery Program- Dr. Judy Wood and Julia Davis March 14:


May 2, 2013

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