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    “This is like watching the WTC 7 collapse at 5:25PM on 9/11,” says Dave, host of the SGT Report.

    The FBI’s announcement on the 5th of July, that they would not pursue any prosecution of Hillary Clinton has become a signal that Americans openly live in a lawless land – and that nobody needs to follow the law anymore.

    If the Deep State has its head screwed on straight, they will not let this verdict on Hillary stand. Perhaps they enjoy the chaos, being the Emperors of Chaos that they are.

    As Dave, the host of this heartfelt episode of the SGT Report says, the recent moves by Attorney General Lynch and by the FBI are in-your-face statements that, “You are a captured, neutered, castrated populace and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

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    • If any of you think that Trump is the option you are deleted. This is the same team giving you two rotten options, making you feel that you actually have a choice. These are the same entities giving you choice equal to cancer or AIDS. Make your choice!

    • Having read “Crisis of Character” and “Clinton Cash” I realize there are many, many things the Clintons do that are illegal. As Catherine Austin-Fitts says “If Clinton gets in, we’re doomed.”

    • I live in Australia where the country has been governed by one of the two major political parties for the last 40 years. There is no doubt they are corrupt beyond belief and run the country for the benefit of their rich friends, robber banks and insurance companies, big business and media barons.

      Much like America.

      But I never thought I’d see the day when the FBI would turn against the very citizens they had sworn to serve and protect in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

      It shows that everything has a corrupt price. Even what was once the most respected law enforcement body in the world.

      In 1875 Lord Action, Lord Chief Justice of England, said: “The issue that has swept down the centuries, and must be fought sooner or later ,is, The people V. The Banks.”

      Now it seems the people must fight even their own corrupt Federal Police Force.


    • My friend, you are struggling with what is called “cognitive dissonance”. Please take a moment to review this video that you wonderful examples of this phenomena at work.

      You are struggling with the truth that we are all enslaved, but have hypnotized by social engineering that encompasses the social, educational, business and political system that has been developed to enslave us all. Divine intervention is required to solve these problems. Peace, my friend.

    • She has been pardoned or saved from the misdeed before being subjected to Judicial process.This is a fact. But the people of America will finally decide whether it was pardonable or not through the ballot. Let us see the outcome.

    • Time to call GAME OVER for American government. Our nation is nothing but a shallow grave of what was once a great nation. Our government is now overflowing with traitors, cheats, frauds, and perverts (choose your fav! They’re ALL guilty of one or more). Since the government is illegal and invalid, stop paying your taxes. Then, get your guns, let’s go to Washington, and force the whole bunch of bums out. Then, we’ll put the Bush Family, Dick Cheney, Both Bush administrations, Clintons, and Obama’s personnel on trial for TREASON. Obviously 9/11 was an inside job/ False Flag; Sandy Hook was a fraud, as are so many of these fake events being shilled by the “Goebellian” propaganda ministry (White House Press Corps, ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC to start). Really, I am so disgusted by these traitors, I just WISH I could afford to emigrate to Canada or New Zealand, but my young son lives here. Probably a good thing I am a nobody with no money – thus I’m no threat to these Bilderberger psychopaths. Next life?

    • Comey should be relieved of duty…. Hillary broke the law and she is getting away scott free… Anyone who has ever had a security clearance knows that any document be it confindential, secret or top secret is only given to those that have a need to know regardless of their security clearance… She need to be in jail… Now they intend to pursue an investigation to determine whether she has committed purjury in her statements to Congress and the FBI…

    • Being an American today is like watching history repeat itself. Hitler surrounded himself with loyal gangsters just like himself that were above the law because they made the laws. They disarmed the people ,killed millions of Jews tried to conquer the world etc. Can’t you see that this administration is doing the exact same thing here in America? Wake up America. Stand up and take your country back before it is too late.. Do it in the voting booth and if that is rigged and denied from you do whatever is necessary to make America great again. Thank GOD for the 2nd amendment in our constitution.

    • Folks….There NEVER was an actual investigation into this crime in the first place….ANY, truly “Informed” being always KNEW that the FBI works for the BANKS/Corporations and does their bidding!
      GOVERNMENT….IS…THE PROBLEM: Watch this: The Myth of Authority at:

    • Voting reinforces the legitimacy of the “Deep State” because the participation of the Voters (Slaves) makes it appear that they approve of their “benevolent” Government…….Political careers led to corruption…..

    • Alex does good in getting out the real news which is continuously rejected by the lame-stream. I’ve no problem with his truth telling–as long as it’s truthful and as unbiased as possible. However, I’m not interested in his right-wing political rhetoric about Trump being a patriot because he didn’t accept outside money to fund his campaign (hell, he doesn’t have to) while Killary is simply a psychotic witch. He’s doing no good by helping the usual suspects divide the public politically with comments that berate and label people. For instance (paraphrased): the stupid people are Democratic so how can we help them be smarter. That’s a loaded left-handed line of BS. Apparently, he’s not interested in nor has he reviewed the Republicans of the same species who are just as stupid and uninformed with a side dish of war mongering as well. Stupid is as stupid does on both sides. I’m no Killary fan and feel the FBI investigation was a ruse as well as a waste of tax payer funds. Anyone who is paying attention knows that Killary is/has been the pick of the controllers and was chosen for the 2016 POTUS position long ago. The system is rigged to have her win no matter what she does and the FBI has rubber stamped her nomination with a slammed down fist. Mark my words: In November, the controllers will state how “close” the election was but that Killary won, even when she did not–we’ve seen this before on the Republican side with Bush. Anyone who actually believed that an indictment was going to come from the FBI investigation is/was dreaming. NOTHING was ever going to come of it except spending more money for this particular alphabet agency to join the minions of posers and liars surrounding the 2016 Presidential campaign.. When an official FBI representative makes the statement that “intention” was the issue and then says Killary’s intention was not to break the law then I must join Alex and others who have stated that the USA populace is officially sunk because the law enforcing bodies of the USA have become protection agencies for insider criminals like Killary. She intended to set up a personal server on which classified information was stored and transferred. That’s all the intention any of the citizenry of the US would have do to be indicted, ruined and jailed for life. We all know this is true–an historical truth anyone can research.

    • I totally agree with you on this issue. I believe she has so much inside information on members of congress and up to the White House plus people in the FBI that no one wants to touch her. She is blackmailing them all.

    • Why do the American people chant like morons H I L A R Y…..H I L A R Y….H I L A R Y…….it is not a basketball game. Why don’t the people tell them to stand down, even the FBI needs to be shut down, and jailed. So does the CIA need to be shut down. Your Government is your worst Terrorists, they live with you…..Also your media needs to be shut down….all they do is spread propaganda they are all lying to the American people and the people of the World. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple are also in with the Government as well as so many others. If you ask me you should open all the jails and free the prisoners because the good people are being locked up and the criminals are roaming about the country.

    • Our chief law enforcement officer J. Comey is a fraud and a criminal-He has no law enforcement experience- He is a puppet of the New World Order Globalists- He was Senior V.P. of Lockheed Martin and the military- industrial complex- He ran operations at the Dept. of Justice- He was a Sr.. scholar researcher on homeland security at the liberal, progressive code words for socialist/marxist University of Columbia- He was a director at HSBC Holdings, which was found to be laundering drug money for ISIS and Mexican Drug Cartels which have connections not only to each other , but to Hamas, and Hezbollah as well- This Oligarchial Cabal has fixed, the game, the table is tilted and game is rigged- They have castrated, neutered and enslaved their human livestock-These politicians are nothing but the front men and women for this International Banking Criminal Syndicate Cartel of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers etc.- They are pure evil Socio-Psychopaths and servants of the Angel of Light- Lucifer, who will usher in his Beast System- They will take away the cash and make it all electronic so they can manipulate as they see fit, then they will confiscate the arms of the human sheeple and livestock so resistance will be futile and then they will chip their livestock and then they will have absolute and total control – They are mad, insane, deranged, depraved predator creatures- But the spider in all this tangled web of deceit, manipulation and deception is none other than the Zionist-Jesuits that have captured the Synagogue of Satan- The Holy Roman Empire- The Vatican- The Temporal and Spiritual Ruler and Owner of this Planet-

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