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Catherine Austin Fitts begins the interview by making some very important points. Due to her deadpan delivery, wrought from decades of personal exposure to the cesspit of Washington and to elements the Deep State that almost destroyed her, one may not fully grasp the importance of what she’s saying.

Although Fitts is known for having been an appointee of George HW Bush as the Assistant Housing and Urban Development Director (HUD) under Jack Kemp, it’s less well-known that she worked several years for the Bill Clinton Administration at Hamilton Securities, a contractor of HUD. So, she was aware of the inner workings of the Clinton White House, as well.

When asked here about Hillary Clinton’s private server, which was used to conduct State Department business while she served as Secretary of State, Fitts says, “Here’s the big question about Hillary that scares me – although the Deep State must feel as though they have the answer – but if I’m a member of the intelligence community or a member of the enforcement community, that’s got to go out and handle sensitive of or even covert operations, I’m going to be scared to death, because if the Clintons have their own servers, share information, use it to engage in global racketeering, whether it’s speaking fees for Bill or donations to the Foundation, I’m putting my life at risk and it’s not safe…you’re basically putting a ‘For Sale’ sign on the White House – and if I was in the bureaucracy, I’d shut down, because it’s not safe.”

When asked by Daniel Liszt whether there was “any rhyme or reason to this absurd error in judgment,” on having this in-house server, risking Espionage charges, etc., “What reasons could they have, for moving communications to this sort of flimsy home server arrangement?”

Fitts’ deadpan response might get lost on many, as it’s so emotionally un-charged: “I just think they wanted to engage in private racketeering. They wanted to coordinate Bill’s efforts…and Hillary’s running for President…and they were doing a number of things for the Deep State – and they have permission to do that for the Deep State – or from their part of it; their syndicate…they just wanted to keep things confidential to themselves.”

Fitts notes that Hillary’s disapproval ratings are 57% and that the majority of Americans disapprove of both Hillary and Trump. Fitts bursts out laughing, while saying that, if real transparency were brought forth about both candidates, then both of their disapproval ratings would be above 90%!

Fitts’ opinion about Trump raising the issue of the redacted 28 pages of the Senate’s 9/11 Report and the vaccine-autism connection and Hillary’s announcement that she would make the government archives about UFOs open to the public (as long as they “don’t threaten National Security”) is that this edgy rhetoric only serves to “hook people back into believing that it’s [the Presidential Election] a legitimate process. 1). You want it to be entertaining 2). You want to avoid people leaving [not paying attention] because…you’re irrelevant.

“I happen to agree with James Baker that the whole thing [the US Presidency] is just entertainment. It’s irrelevant!

“What’s relevant is who your local Sheriff is, who your local Mayor is and who your local County Administrator is. So, if I were you, I’d be making sure you had control of your county and I would ignore the show.” 

There are many more incredible insights, such as for example, into the drive for a cashless society. She notes, “I’ve never seen the Deep State allow a blockchain to go out, in which they didn’t have a back door.” She says that if we think the harvesting and the fraud against the public are rampant now, they’ll be that much easier to achieve, if all the currency is digital. The Powers that (Shouldn’t) Be would literally have the ability to shut down an individual’s account – or to “turn off your chip,” to quote the late Aaron Russo of his conversations with Nicholas Rothschild in his film, ‘From Freedom to Fascism.’

Later, Fitt’s remarks, “If you’re mandating that children get autism [through forced, multiple-stage vaccinations] and that you’re mandating they go to school and they don’t learn math [i.e. Common Core]; you’re mandating that they pay healthcare insurance [Obamacare] when they don’t need healthcare insurance – they need healthcare – you’re basically talking about a depopulation policy. I hate to say it. It’s a highly complex Fascism …and Hillary Clinton is just a fluffy person to put a face on it.”

She urges Americans to reject any initiatives for a “Constitutional Convention”, which would alter the Constitution; that we must fight any movement that tries to make such a thing fashionable.

Fitts is bemused at the drive for the Global Information Grid (GIG), driverless cars and the Internet of Things, at a time when cybersecurity is so weak. She likens it to watching “two tsunamis crashing into each other.”

As to the space economy, Fitts is of the opinion that ours is an “open system” – she says that as to trying to figure out WHO actually owns the insurmountable planetary debt, her thoughts have definitely gone towards the idea that the ownership was off-planetary.

What gave some weight to those thoughts was when she attended an economic conference in the City of London in 2001, when a speaker announced that the US had borrowed 80% of the world’s capital He said that, “We’d better HOPE that there are aliens, because that’s the ONLY way that we’re going to get back our money!”

She says, regardless, something unknown is happening with the world’s economy and that she can’t account for where all of the money is going.

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