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The death of John Ashe is full of inconsistencies, weirdness and intrigue.

In a few days, the UN Official, who was to testify against Hillary in a case involving her corruption scandal. He is alleged to have accidentally crushed his throat during a “work-out” accident, according to the local police, who corrected initial reports that he’d died of a heart attack.

The reality may have more closely resembled the plot line of a Scorcese movie: A witness who was about to “sing” had his throat ripped out, while being “worked over”.

Ashe had reportedly received $1B in donations from Chinese businessman, Ng Lap Seng while he was President of the UN General Assembly. Seng had previously been found to have illegally funneled several hundred thousand dollars to the Democrat National Committee.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The false paradigm at work. Clinton = Bad, Trump = Good. Either you vote for a person on the government list or, your vote will not be counted. Now that is what I call “freedom”. The government has refused to count my vote since 1980. I really do not know why I continue to vote.

  • I think this is a stupid video. I can read and play other people’s stuff for myself. He should really work on his on-screen presents, too. However, it’s open source and it’s one thing that’s out there to be reviewed, Kim. So BYE!

  • On A Major Satanic Holiday In California, Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Presidential Nomination 6-6-16-

    Hillary Clinton is as dirty as politicians come. She has made it her mission to seize the Democratic presidential nomination by any means possible, including using illegal means to rob it from Bernie Sanders, and to put herself in the White House.

  • Check out the ‘Scopes Hildabeast’;
    Also, Cathy O’Brien’s ‘Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security’; ideally, read the book; but here’s a very good video:
    Cathy O’Brien Ex Illuminati Mind Control Victim MK Ultra The Granada Forum 10/31/96:
    I’ll try not to have a ‘workout’ for a while!!

  • Dear Kim, just what kind of troll are you? At least stay on subject. The us dollar is used more for human trafficking then bitcoin. And what the hell has that got to do with the murder of John Ashe? Go back to Clintonville, and say you failed. LOL

  • what does the misuse of bitcoin have anything to do with fkt?? somebody was having a shitty morning..

  • Wtf is wrong w u people?!

    Site is shit…bitcoins is KNOWN to be used in human trafficking, ads for Russian brides….i am finished w u and ur BS site

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