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Alexandra Bruce
April 20, 2014

Rosalind Peterson from testifies here before the UN about the reality of Chemtrails and the deleterious effects on plant and animal life.

If you are still in doubt that the strange lines in your *updated*, “vanilla sky” are airplane contrails – or that the milky haze which lingers all day is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, you are sadly mistaken.



Dear Alexandra,

I think Rosalind Peterson’s speeches in the UN are beneficial as far as they go, for so many of the people there that are completely oblivious to what is obviously happening right in front of them, and possibly also for those who have already become paid servants of the real power structure, in case they are inclined to re-think their allegiance.

The UN is clearly (to those that understand the depth and scope of its current and past activities, not what is told to the public) an organization with the evil intent of those who created it, maintain it and now control it. This does not mean everyone in it is evil or of mal-intent. That applies to those that control it and direct its activities from the top. However sincere and well intentioned, Rosalind’s approach bothers me in that she does not tell the full truth (which I believe she does know), and gives only small pieces that don’t really show how immediately life threatening the actual situation is. No doubt that is why she is allowed to talk in the UN.

For one thing, “persistent contrails” do not exist. The term is a classic oxymoron. Contrails are condensation (water) trails, and modern jets do not make them (check out high bypass turbofan engines, used on military jets and airliners at ). Even if they did, such trails disappear quickly because they are not made of solid particles. Chemtrails do exist, and at least she did mention some of the chemicals in them and the aluminum (there are many more toxins than just these). I would have liked her to say to the barely conscious people in the audience there, that it is not just a potential threat to agriculture, it is a guaranteed death of the entire biosphere and has already done overwhelming and potentially irreversible damage to all life on Earth. In the meantime, the global spray program, which is highly coordinated and not just a hodge-podge of local and state weather programs, is a great boon to the medical industry and the biotech industry, both of which are profiting from extensive worldwide coordinated chemtrails campaigns that major governments and their partner corporations are waging against us.

The reason I don’t like watered down versions of the truth in issues like this, and I have told Rosalind this directly, is that I don’t believe we have time not to tell the full truth, especially to people who are supposed to be in positions to protect life on Earth. The planet’s web of life is on borrowed time already. Every day extensive global scale air raids are in progress, an assault on all life on Earth. So much toxic metal is now floating around the Earth and blocking critical sunlight for photosynthesis that there is a metallic haze visible almost everywhere. If any country’s government were not corrupt to the core, they would immediately shoot down the planes running these bombing raids in order to protect their people, because they are no less dangerous than incoming waves of conventional bombers. I am not advocating that anyone do this, I am saying the fact that governments do not do it shows they are entirely complicit in this attack on their own people.

It is not a subject for committee meetings and multi year investigations and debate. Those who propose such long and slow approaches may be exhibiting classic symptoms (e.g. lack of appropriate concern no matter how serious an emergency may be) of poisoning by fluoride and other such psychotropic toxins that are purposely introduced into the drinking water supplies of virtually all major cities in America.

One of my projects now is looking for ways to stop this activity in a more useful time frame, which of course is immediately. Yes it is better that they are at least hearing about the concept at the UN, but someone needs to tell the story as it really is, planetary scale genocide of all species at once, and not just some mistaken attempt to improve the weather. Every day this polite approach is tolerated is a day that could have been used for serious change, but was lost, as we, and all the family members of those very proper UN people, keep breathing the poison (a point that Rosalind did not even mention at all). It is too late for half truths now, and we need something a lot more fully honest and direct to have even a chance for reversal at this point in time.

I am not saying it is obvious how we can succeed in stopping this atrocity in its tracks, but it is clear we need to do exactly that, and not beat around any bushes. As I mentioned, it is so late in the game, with agriculture and everyone’s health already gravely affected and wildlife fast disappearing all over the planet, we need to simultaneously try every avenue that may be useful.

One of my projects is a consulting service for world leaders, and I am reaching out in many directions in an attempt to find any not fully corrupt that would be open to assistance in connecting the dots and then taking whatever actions they can. It remains to be seen if I can find any such individuals still in existence, and not to afraid to act.

Another possibility is to follow the example being set by the organization ITCCS in bringing common law charges against high level government and corporate organizations and the associated individuals, the ones who are responsible for the highest profile mass crimes in progress and already carried out in various parts of the world. The global chemtrails program (we call it “geoengineering” to communicate with some of those academics and scientists who defend it, but it deserves no such respectful label, it is just violent crime and genocide and we need to call it what it is) is certainly up there with the biggest crimes against humanity in all of history, and those directing it would be appropriate targets for such common law actions. Those with legal expertise or aptitude should be looking into how to initiate these moves,and can look at and its associated sites for some possible ideas on how to proceed.

On an individual level, there are many things each of us can do. Although the corporations calling themselves “cities,” “counties,” and other local bodies don’t have the required power to stop the global program, they can certainly be raising the alarm publicly if they understand what is at stake. The current silence of the public is part of what allows this kind of crime to go on uncontested. People can go to the meetings of their local governing bodies and demand at least public resolutions warning citizens of this attack on them personally and on the entire ecosystem. People should be exerting great pressure on their local newspapers and radio stations to cover the reality of the chemtrails program, and to broadcast to the public that chemtrails are not a “conspiracy theory.” That is simply a meaningless phrase that is supposed to say stop thinking about this and do not apply logic and common sense or you will be laughed at. This is far too important an issue to fall for such childish games. Common sense should trump and discredit fake slogans and labels every time we encounter them.

Everyone should keep up with the chemtrail news on websites like and . There is a facebook group to join through the global skywatch site. Also, people should buy the latest version of the video “Look Up,” by George Barnes, and should use the app for their phones to send pictures of the daily chemtrail patterns to all the so-called “representatives” so it becomes harder for them to make believe they don’t know about the problem. Finally, people should support the newly emerging billboard campaigns to make this issue public and high profile. Go to to support the billboard campaign, even if you can only give them a few dollars, and also download the Look Up video. This is only for those that can afford to help. If you are struggling for money to get by, help in non-financial ways. Study all the information on the web sites mentioned so you really understand what you are talking about. This is NOT just about changing the weather (“climate engineering”) though that aspect is enough to fully condemn the entire program. But it is much more than that. The aluminum poisoning of all the Earth’s soils that is already almost accomplished is intended to leave only the aluminum resistant GMO crops and even GMO forest trees able to grow in the contaminated soils. GMO foods are already proven deadly to people and animals, yet they fill most grocery store shelves across the US. Call talk shows, write letters to newspapers, share the information with local government officials, point out to your neighbors that the sky is no longer the right color. The metallic white haze is not normal, but is a reflection of what we are our kids, even infants are now breathing. This may be the most massive crime against humanity that has ever been perpetrated, and we are mostly accepting it in total silence.

The bottom line is we have to reject the idea that we are totally helpless, find a way to get our normal spirit back, and wake up those around you. Don’t fall for the scam of division by race, social class, democrat vs. republican, right vs. left, conservative vs. liberal, or any of the other similar nonsense media is hammering us with every day. We are humanity, with most of our real concerns and feelings in common. A tiny group of mentally ill control freaks has us all agreeing to just lie down and die without comment or complaint, foolishly wasting our energy fighting among ourselves over trivia. We are not really that foolish or weak. We have great strength and brilliance we have forgotten, under the influence of so many levels of mind control. Is it not a good time to wake up, and do what we can in the little time that remains?

Chemtrails represent one of the major attacks against humankind in our history. It is not a matter of “it might harm agriculture.” It is a matter that our lives are under attack right at this very moment, and we don’t have time to be lazy. I suggest the matter is worth our attention, mutual cooperation, and response.

Use your creativity and help as you can. All life on Earth needs you.

Richard Sacks

Alexandra Bruce

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