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    Alexandra Bruce
    May, 15, 2013

    This video was uploaded with the following comments by FreakyVidsDaily on January 27, 2013:

    “The ARGUS array is made up of several cameras and other types of imaging systems. The output of the imaging system is used to create extremely large, 1.8GP high-resolution mosaic of images and video.

    “The U.S. Army, along with Boeing, has developed and is preparing to deploy a new unmanned aircraft called the “Hummingbird.” It’s a VTOL-UAS (vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial system).

    “Three of them are being deployed to Afghanistan for a full year to survey and spy on Afghanistan from an altitude of 20,000 feet, with the ability to scan 25 square miles of ground surface.”


    ‘Rise of the Drones: Meet a new breed of flying robots, from tiny swarming vehicles to giant unmanned planes.’
    Aired January 23, 2013 on PBS

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