The creators of this film, Colin Alexander and Ace Baker claim that this film proves that evidence, especially from the Fox 5 chopper prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that no planes were involved with the WTC attacks; that what we saw on TV were the products of video effects known as keying and matting. They offer this film as proof that the WTC towers were all brought down, purely by controlled demolition.

Outside the scope of this film, there is evidence that the towers may have been brought down by combination of standard demolition techniques, as well as thermite to cause the impossibility of melting pools of steel, at kerosene-fire temperatures (let alone, fires lasting 4 months – I was there, I saw the smoke continue to curl out of the rubble until at least March 2002).

Also, there is a compelling argument for the use of highly advanced Directed Energy Weapons, a theory advanced by engineering professor, Dr. Judy Wood – especially, when we see the photographs of the peculiarly “toasted cars” beneath the FDR viaduct, at the opposite end of Lower Manhattan, while numerous blocks of stone, brick and cement building, such as the one I lived one block from the WTC for 8 years, remained completely unscathed. For more info, please look up Dr Judy Wood on this site’s homepage; click on her name in the list of categories to reveal a large list of corroborating videos on this specific subject.

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