There are those who claim that it was a Vietnam War-era decommissioned, retrofitted Douglas A3 Skywarrior attack jet, armed with a missile, which impacted with the Pentagon on 9/11 – and that coincidentally, 5 top officials and engineers from Raytheon happened to be on 3 of the 4 doomed flights and were killed, on that day.

All of the murdered men were either directly or administratively involved with the nascent drone program; i.e., the controlling of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for uses on the battlefield, which have increasingly become the signature of American battle tactics since the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and have since spread out to include Yemen, Pakistan and even home sweet home, in the streets of the good ol’ USA.

Those involved with the most recent generation of drones, working for Raytheon and killed on that that terrible day include: 1) Stanley Hall, Director of Electronic Warfare Program Management (American #77); 2) Peter Gay, VP of Electronic Systems, on Special Assignment, at the El Segundo, California Division Office, where the Global Hawk UAV Remote Control System is made (American #11); 3) Kenneth Waldie, Senior Quality Control Engineer for Electronic Systems (American #11); 4) David Kovalsin, Senior Mechanical Engineer for Electronic Systems (American #11); and 5) Herbert Homer, Corporate Executive, working at the Department of Defense (United #175).

To be certain, it was not AA Flight #77 which crashed into the Pentagon (this clip doesn’t even go into the physical impossibility of such an assertion), a lie which has been perpetrated by the US Government as the truth, when anyone with half a brain could easily see that this is a straight-up lie. It is a lie that is dangerous to the security of the US; security which has clearly been compromised by the villains who have owned and administrated our government for at least 13 years now.



Hi, Alexandra —

…I’m aware of the A-3 Skywarrior- and-Global-Hawk-drone-remote-control thesis, which I included in my ‘Pentagon Attack Papers’ published as early as 2002.

This could have been the white drone that was destroyed at/near the [Pentagon] heliport at 9:32:30.

The problem with the addition of a missile, regardless of the aircraft/platform from which it might have been launched, however, is that once entering the hardened outside wall, which it could do, it would penetrate in a straight line, but there are multiple still-standing inside columns in all possible straight-line paths between the alleged impact point on the outer wall and the alleged ‘exit’ hole on the inside of the third-in C Ring.

Also, a missile simply couldn’t have the speed and force to have cut the almost perfectly round hole in the inside of the steel-reinforced-concrete C Ring wall and come to an abrupt stop in mid air, which it would had to have done as there is no damage let alone penetration on the outside wall of the fourth-in B Ring which is only 25 feet beyond the alleged C Ring ‘exit’ hole across the open driveway in between.

Any missile, unless it exploded shortly after entering the outside E Ring, is thus not possible, and if it did explode just inside the E Ring, it could not then have created the ‘exit’ hole in the C Ring two rings further in, so either way a missile can’t account for the internal damage.

The A-3 Skywarrior thesis must therefore be separated from the additional missile thesis. Also, the video wrongly states that the alleged impact hole is 16 feet wide. This is provably untrue, as the attached photo clearly shows: the only ‘hole’ is the horizontal opening on the ground floor that is six columns wide, or c. 60 feet. (These claims of an alleged 16-foot hole refer to the blackened areas to the left and right of the ‘T’ on the second floor, but the vertical of this ‘T’ is the still-intact second floor column between these missing windows and so is not a ‘hole’ at all.) But it is physically impossible for a 757 to have flown low enough to have made the 60-foot ground floor opening and its engines without it’s immense engines which hang down below the wings gouging the lawn, which no engines did — the lawn outside that alleged impact point is pristine…


Edited Transcript of the Voiceover:

According to two civilian defense contractor employees working at commercial corporate facilities at Fort Collins’ Loveland Municipal Airport, in the months before the September 11th attacks, US Air Force defense contractors brought in A3 Skywarrior aircraft under cover of darkness to be completely retrofitted and modified at this small civilian airport in Colorado.

The two witnesses say that separate military contractor teams, working independently, at different times and retrofitted A3 Skywarriors with updated missiles, missile control systems; Raytheon’s Global Hawk, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with remote control systems, engines, transponders and radar navigation systems.

This was alleged for use as a simple Missile-testing platform for the defense contractor, Hughes-Raytheon

The employees asked not to be identified for personal safety and fear of job retaliation but both said the Air Force brought in separate teams for Top Secret military work, related to commercial aviation, at this airport.

They were told not to discuss what they had seen with anyone, under strict orders not to discuss what the military teams were doing or what they saw.

The witnesses were fearful due to several recent suicides: car wrecks, mysterious deaths, directly related to the mediation experts working on the systems that were installed on the A3, as having breached the government-blocked information flow, at great personal risk.

Small plane evidence was moved at the Pentagon. The approximate 16-foot entry hole, at the outside facade at the Pentagon, on 9/11 is more likely to have been caused by an air-to-ground missile, fired from a small military jet, rather than an impact from a much larger Boeing 757.

Some reasons cited to support a missile hole include

* evidence that the wings and rear stabilizer caused virtually no damage to the outside walls and windows, at point of impact.

* No significant 757 interior or exterior parts were found at the scene,

* The soft nose of the 757 would have had difficulty through piercing 3 Pentagon wall rings.

*The three aircraft parts found, were similar to the somewhat-outdated but still-serviceable Douglas A3 Skywarrior military attack jet, rather than the much-larger Boeing 757.

Interestingly, the Hughes division manufactures the A3 GM’s [engines] and the Raytheon division maintains the last few A3 Skywarriors, while also manufacturing the Global Hawk UAV remote control systems.

Air traffic controllers from the Washington DC sector, originally said the incoming plane was a military jet, according to reports. But no Grand Jury has called them to testify and they have been strangely gagged from speaking out.

One air traffic controller from another Northeast sector revealed to a 911 widow, that “FBI threats were made,” on both the personal and career nature: “You’re ordered never to speak about what you saw on your screen during the attacks – and if you do, things will not go well for you and your family.”

Curiously, a large piece of wreckage was found in the entry hall but the public was kept from closely-observing what appears to be a sheared-off a piece of wing from a much smaller jet than a Boeing 757.

A group of military personnel and Federal Officials, in suits, tightly covered a piece of wreckage with a blue tarp and carried
it away, to an awaiting truck. No reporters or independent aircraft experts have been permitted to examine any of the recovered aircraft parts.

Other government officials, who looked more like FBI agents, than rescue workers were also photographed, moving evidence around, immediately after the crash; they were bringing evidence to- and removing it from- a mass-murder crime scene, as if they had prior knowledge, within minutes after the Pentagon crash.

FBI agents quickly confiscated a videotape from a gas station security camera aimed directly at the exact point of impact, while recording the size of the plane and/or missile security camera video film from a nearby Sheraton Hotel and film from Virginia Transportation Department freeway overpass camera now would have clearly shown a Boeing 757, if that is what actually hit the Pentagon, as claimed by the government.

Again, all were told not to discuss the matter.

One month after the attacks, on October 12, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told Parade Magazine: “Here, and we’re talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight, filled with our citizens as a missile to damage this building and similar [inaudible] that damaged the World Trade Center.”

The Air Force has 4-to-6 A3s and current operation and Hughes-Raytheon has about 12-to-14 operational Skywarriors, according to available records.

The plane used on the Pentagon on 9/11 may have been brought in from Tucson, Arizona, from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, which has numerous decommissioned planes taken out of service and stored there, in an arid environment.

Using an out-of-service plane would defuse the paper trail, complicating the identification of the actual jet.

The diffuser case recovered after the pentagon impact is a component from the types of dual-chamber turbo jets represented by the Allison J33, J71 Pratt & Whitney Jade 57 and JATT

It is not part of a 757 engine! The diffuser case designed for 757 jet engines is quite different from the one found at the Pentagon: the key difference between the diffuser case found at the Pentagon and a Boeing 757 diffuser cases is the triangular bezels around the openings.

The Pentagon diffuser case has no such opening or reinforcing points, no triangular bezels. The diffuser is built into a much larger component, not a separate component in the newer, 757-type jet engines – and not a single one of these was found at the Pentagon.

“This is not a component that would have melted or evaporated, in any manner, at all,” said a Chief Executive for the corporation specializing in military remote-control warfare systems.

* Another component found at the Pentagon was a wheel hub assembly; a type made by BF Goodrich as aerospace division. They also made the wheels for the 757.

* A simple proportional check of their diameters would easily show that the photo is not a wheel hub from a 757, which has a much larger radius than width. This is the type that we used for aircraft carrier-based and general rear wheels and smaller military planes, not on commercial airlines.

* Coincidentally, five key Raytheon executives died on 9/11: 1) Stanley Hall, Director of Electronic Warfare Program Management (American #77); 2) Peter Gay, VP of Electronic Systems, on Special Assignment, at the El Segundo, California Division Office, where the Global Hawk UAV Remote Control System is made (American #11); 3) Kenneth Waldie, Senior Quality Control Engineer for Electronic Systems (American #11); 4) David Kovalsin, Senior Mechanical Engineer for Electronic Systems (American #11); and 5) Herbert Homer, Corporate Executive, working at the Department of Defense (United #175).

* Curiously, the five Raytheon executives chose three of the four of the doomed jets, that all happened to fly on 9/11; none of their family members have been interviewed, nor co-workers nor Defense Department officials.

* Raytheon’s top people tied to the Global Hawk Remote-Controlled UAV Aircraft Systems all died on 9/11, without a Grand Jury probing their members’ electronic messages, or phone records, meeting calendars, visits or calls to Fort Collins Loveland Airport and testimony-linked, related matters.

* There are more than 150 retired and active US Military and Federal intelligence officers who are willing to come forward and testify, regarding government involvement in the September 11th attacks but only if there is a serious criminal Grand Jury.

* 9/11 was the justification for invading Afghanistan and Iraq, the formation of the Department of Homeland Security the controversial Patriot Act (as well as the most recent NDAA) and many more years of a supposed “War on Terror,” – but not one person has been held accountable or prosecuted.

* The United States cannot permit mass murder to go unpunished, with zero accountability, especially when the evidence is staring the country in the face.

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