Alexandra Bruce
September 19, 2015

30-year veteran Flight Attendant, Rebekah Roth, has written her second fictionalized account of how 9/11 was pulled off – and by whom.

All four planes were diverted to Westover AFB in Chicopee, Massachusetts, in order for the cell phone calls to be made by passengers who were taken hostage by criminal elements of the US government, in coordination with Israel’s Mossad.

Whatever crashed into the WTC and the Pentagon were definitely not normal commercial airliners, whose delicate airframes,
couldn’t have withstood the G-forces of their steep declines towards their targets, let alone slice through steel and stone, “Like a hot knife through butter,” as Roth so vividly states.

The purpose of this attack was to trigger hatred of Arabs among Americans, in order to spur wars of aggression in the region, for aims that are part of the Zionist agenda of “Greater Israel,” which are not of much benefit to the US.

America has lost a generation of young people to grievous injury and death, to subsidize the dreams of Israel’s Likud Party and their Neocon cohorts, in the US.

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