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5G Activated Zombie Apocalypse

Todd Callender began calling 1p36 gene deletion the “number one” serious adverse event of the Death Shot and to really obsess on this topic in this episode of Jeffery Prather’s podcast in 2022.

I admire Todd Callender a great deal but this statement – which has now become a theme in this Greg Reese video, who I also admire a great deal – is misleading.

Look at Pfizer’s ‘Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports’  – which the FDA was compelled to release last year, as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

On page 30, the first Serious Adverse Event listed is “1p36 gene deletion syndrome”. It appears first, because alphabetically, “1p36” is the first of thousands of debilitating conditions that Pfizer admits were caused by the vaxx, as of February of 2021 – not because it is the most common side effect.

However, it’s true and it’s very, very weird that government agencies have been training for a Zombie Apocalypse for over a decade.

The CDC has had a Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness website up since 2011 and the Amazon Web Services contract has a Zombie Apocalypse force majeure clause, pertaining to Lumberyard, the company’s video-game development software released in 2016.

Actually, I think we’re already in a Zombie Apocalypse. We don’t need no fancy 1p36 gene deletion. I think that any parent who took their child to be vaccinated is a zombie. I think that anybody who believes the Fake News is a zombie.

I think we’ve all been somewhat zombified by fluoride and myriad other chemical, biological, electromagnetic and propaganda attacks.

Today, one in 36 children born in the US has autism. This number has skyrocketed from virtually non-existent since the early 1990s, when the CDC’s child vaccination schedule was aggressively ramped-up to turn our children’s bodies into toxic dumps.



Military attorney, Todd Callender is an expert in international law and morbidity and mortality law.

He’s been filing lawsuits and blowing the whistle on the enemy, ever since they made the shots mandatory.

These lawsuits have led to his research team amassing thousands of whistleblowers that point to a planned Marburg epidemic, already paid for by taxpayer dollars in the recent PREP Act.

Todd Callender said that inside the lipid nanoparticles, there are sealed pathogens, including E. coli, Marburg and Ebola and that different pathogens can be released by different frequencies, pulsed through the 5G network.

He also points out that the 1P36 gene deletion is the number one effect of the Pfizer shot, a disease with zombie-like symptoms that make a person aggressive, with a propensity to bite.

The CDC published a public service announcement on the preparedness for a Zombie Apocalypse in 2011.

That same year, CONPLAN8888-11 “COUNTER ZOMBIE DOMINANCE” was published.

The military’s advanced munition known as Multi-Purpose rounds are single rounds comprised of multiple-projectile options, to be chosen via direct communication from the tank fire control to the cartridge chambered in the breach. So, it would make sense to weaponize vaccines the same way.

Popular online personality, Jason Shurka has recently posted a warning that on October 4th, FEMA will be using 5G frequencies to activate nano-pathogens in the blood of the vaccinated.

I don’t know who this guy is but I will add that we probably want to turn the 5G off for good.

And we definitely need to take control of our government, because a plan as diabolical as this would be Game Over.

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