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Many of us dream that one day, past and present high-ranking criminals in the FBI, DOJ, Congress and the White House will face prosecution. Someone posting on Twitter as @GregRubini says this has already started happening, claiming that the trials of Peter Strzok, Andy McCabe, Sally Yates and Susan Rice began on January 2nd.

Hope P-rn just got better! No sooner had Defango taken credit for the spawning of Q and called everyone else a “grifter,” than the high-octane tweets of Rubini sprang to the fore, with claims that the military tribunals we’ve been hearing about have already begun, that there are no official reports of these, of course because by law, proceedings involving National Security are secret. He says the facts will become known after the new Attorney General, William Barr is sworn in. He says the trials are being filmed, to be made public, in due time – with sources assuring him that John Brennan’s will be broadcast live (!)

While Rubini claims to have confidential sources who say all of this, he also includes the disclaimer: “This is my personal, educated guess so don’t ask for sources. My sources have not denied nor confirmed. The replies were along these lines: ‘We cannot give you information on this, at the moment’ or ‘no comment.’ But using logical thinking, seeing the pattern from 40,000 feet and connecting the dots, this is the rational outcome. Take it as you please.”

As someone tweeted back, “I have family with TS/CSI clearance and they never have problem saying, ‘This is BS.’ They always say, ‘No comment,’ when it’s true.”

On January 14th, Greg Rubini posted a large thread which stated that the following people have been secretly under investigation since May 2017:

  • Sally Yates, current acting Deputy Attorney General, originally appointed by President Obama under Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
  • Susan Rice, US National Security Advisor under Barack Obama.
  • Peter Strzok, Chief of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division until his firing in August 2018.
  • Andy McCabe, Former Deputy Director of the FBI, fired 26 hours before his official retirement in March 2018.

He says these four have been charged with Seditious Conspiracy against a duly elected US President, Violations of the Espionage Act, Treason and more. Given the gravity of the charges, their sentences will be at minimum life in prison, with the Death Penalty being likely for most of them.

The prosecutions of the four listed above all lead to John Brennan, CIA Director under Obama. The evidence accrued during the prosecutions of Brennan, Strzok, McCabe, Yates and Rice will be used to nail down Obama and Hillary Clinton, as these cases move forward.

From Rubini’s posts, it appears that the following officials cooperated and may avoid charges:

  • Bruce Ohr, who was #4 at the DOJ as an associate Deputy Attorney General and now demoted to the DOJ’s Criminal Division. He’s a Deep Stater whose CIA Russia expert wife worked with MI6’s Christopher Steele at Fusion GPS, the latter of whom was paid by BOTH the Clinton Campaign AND the FBI to fabricate the “Pee-Pee Dossier”.
  • Lisa Page, FBI lawyer who represented Andy McCabe and previously worked under Bruce Ohr, who’s also not going down. According to a friend of mine who knows her attorney, she has been in Witness Protection, guarded by US Marshals since last summer.
  • Bill Priestap, assistant director of the FBI’s Counter-intelligence Division and Peter Strzok’s superior. Priestap’s in-laws, the Menschels are a multi-generationally powerful New York City family, linked to Goldman-Sachs and they probably saved his skin.

The damaging Congressional testimonies of Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page were recently published in the Epoch Times.

My new favorite YouTube channel, Red Pill Book has whipped up this lovely video about @GregRubini’s tweets, as presented by The Patriot Hour.

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  • I think that the American Public would give a pass on few of those that are guilty of their crimes if Hillary et al could be prosecuted for her participation in the murder of “how many people” that had the nerve to tell the truth about what she was up to not just in the USA but all over the world. The selling of children into pedo rings….satanic rituals….crushing Haiti nearly out of existence….I’d love to see her in Gitmo. That might even be too swanky for the likes of her et al of the Clinton family. I’m sure something could be worked out for her ‘accommodations’ perhaps by the people she screwed over all of her life. Nothing too good for HRC……they’d see to that.

    • I completely agree with you but I am certain (based on what hasn’t happened over the past 2 years) nothing is going to happen to Hillary. Everyone knows she is a criminal and no one who can do anything about it cares… It’s sad that the president can’t do anything about it but it does open your eyes to how limited a president’s powers actually are.

  • If anyone was going to prison, it would have happened already. There are no plans, there will be no mass arrests…

    I say abandon all hope of justice happening and focus on the next election. If you want to avoid springing back in to the globalist paradigm that Trump has tried to extricate us from, stop wasting time and energy on nonsense like this and focus on who is being lined up to run against Trump.

  • When Trump was elected, I told people he would be dead or terminally discredited within three months. I was wrong.
    Some days, i get a little impatient, verging on frantic, for good news on this front.
    Trump is still there. That signifies something.
    Rumours say, he’s supported by the US Navy. That’s plausible. The Navy was hit during 911. Payback time coming up, maybe.
    Maybe the crucial manoeuvring is happening in the armed forces.
    Nobody is talking about Bush. (huh?) The Navy lost 200+ intelligence workers on his watch.
    But they have to topple the Fed, and round up the world’s wealthiest families, or this will never end…..and I think they will. Best of luck to them.

  • I have said all along that these would NOT be made Public because they are just more stall tactic BS, designed to Fool the FOOLS.
    Did you notice in the photo all the supposed offenders have Head Covers??? WHY, on earth would they need those when they are ALL Public so-called “Servants” (Laugh!)
    WHY not make ALL those 70,000 names PUBLIC…along with Photos…They are CRIMINALS, and criminals MUST be made PUBLIC, so everyone can SEE and KNOW who they are.
    Treason is the worst crime a Public servant can commit, and MUST be exposed to the PUBLIC.
    Now they are trying to SELL this BS about “Secret Tribunals”…GIVE ME A BREAK!
    The Head-covers are dead give away that there is NO actual trails ever going to happen…ESPECIALLY for the really BIG Government Criminals…Informed beings already KNOW who ALL of them are anyway…making “Secrecy” a bad Joke.
    So one would have to be REALLY Gullible to buy into THIS BS (More like STUPID!)
    Government = TREASON….So the Government “Shut-Down” can STAY down, as far I’m concerned…WE NEVER “NEEDED” GOVERNMENT.

  • Good advice from Larry Nichols on You Tube here:

    Larry Nichols EXPOSES Q ANON and AG Nominee Barr with Special Guest #MAGA

    Nichols and guest lawyer categorically debunk this hope p-rn as another deliberate distraction and claims to have even spoken to Jeff Sessions about it.

  • I find it absolutely horrifying how many people are begging for military tribunals, as if that would not set a dangerous precedent to apply them to any and all dissidents one day (NDAA & Patriot Act anyone?). These faux ‘patriots’ that want these are nothing but tyrants in disguise.

    • There are innocent men who have been rotting in Gitmo for 17 years and that is a horrible, horrible thing, which I have spoken against since the very beginning.

      I hate the Patriot Act but it’s not needed to bring charges of Treason, Sedition and Espionage against these arch criminals. Their crimes were that bad.

      These officials are not dissidents. They are among the highest-ranked law enforcement officers of the land. They knew what the laws were when they committed Capital crimes against their country. Rubino said in another post that they were paid. I will look into that.

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