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We Are From the Future — Next Stage is the Revolution of Love from Awaken Consciousness on Vimeo.

We are from the future.
Everything is going to be alright.
Humanity is about to undergo an astonishing revolution.
Many have called for this revolution, but few understand what it truly means.
This coming revolution is part of a great progression towards an awakening of staggering proportions.
Life force is the creative self-organizing intelligence orchestrating all of this behind the scenes.
Life force is experienced by you as the feeling of Love – for Life and Love are the same.
What humanity is about to become is quite inconceivable to you right now,
But we are here to help make this transition a little easier.

Like gyroscopic force stabilizes a motorcycle – Life force [Love] stabilizes all living systems.
Populations full of love, cultivate honesty, courage and generosity, self-organizing and self -regulating without the need for coercive control.
Populations with deficits in love succumb to fear, violence and corruption, inviting coercive governments to combat the chaos and entropy that arises in the absence of love’s organizing intelligence.
Just as Life force is experienced as love, entropy is experienced as ego, hatred and fear.
The corrupt and power hungry feed on this fear.
Without enough gyroscopic force to keep it upright a motorcycle falls, likewise without enough love to keep them upright free and idealistic governments fall.
Populations too fearful, selfish and chaotic to stand on their own, invite despotic governments to forcefully rule and stabilize them like a kickstand for those who’ve lost their minds.

As long as a population has more fear than love, what appears to be democracy is often little more than a spectacle to mesmerize the masses. Autocratic power still operates behind the scenes. Its media directs people’s unconscious fears and aggressions towards invented enemies, insane competitiveness, rabid consumerism and addiction.


This system glorifies the ego, the embodiment of entropy, which convinces you that you are alone against the world, causing alienation, fear and aggression.
The core values of your culture have been hijacked, forging a pathologically antisocial anti-ecological system obsessed with profit, power and control.


Real change must now come from outside this system.
Real change must now come from you.
Just as free and idealistic governments can’t survive the entropy of populations filled with fear, Egoic coercive governments can’t survive the creative self-organizing power of people filled with love.
Gandhi called this power soul force, life force, love force. It is the fundamental force behind all nonviolent revolution and the unassailable creative intelligence of Life.
True freedom and equality requires a population alive with this self-organizing intelligence.

The coming awakening happens in stages.
And the next stage… is THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE.
Love is the organizing force behind all that is beautiful, joyful and creative in this world.
Power structures are merely the reflection of a population’s levels of love or fear.
But true love casts out all fear making graceful revolution not only possible but inevitable.
so the next stage… is THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE.
When you unleash the sentient energies of love, then, for the second time in history the world, humanity will have discovered fire.
The fires of love will spread through all people, thus all systems shaping the world in its own image.
Love is a force of nature. And so are you.

The coming singularity happens in stages.
and the next stage… is THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE.
The love that fuels this revolution starts with you.
You can become an agent of love, allowing it to guide you and govern your actions.
Love is increased through communion, song, mindfulness, prayer, humor, forgiveness and connection.
(We will reveal more in future transmissions.)
For now, communicate to every sentient being you encounter:
I see you.
You are not alone.
We are in this together.
You are loved.
The revolution of love is here – and all is well.
So… Let there be Light!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • There is no such thing as love and all it takes to demonstrate the proof of my claim, is for someone to suggest what I have just suggested.

  • Total nonsense.

    More evil has been committed in the name of Love, than almost any other word in any language of any people om Earth.

    As Clint Eastwood said; “… I know what yer thinkin’ …,

    ‘Those things happen because of confusions and not knowing what love is ..’

    The ISIS manefesto talks about the conversion of the whole world to Islam, in the name of Love.

    What the American Christian evangelical pastors and priests did to the people of Hawaii, all in the name of Love, should be reviewed in detail. It was the Hawaiian religion that allowed their very open and loving society to accept and welcome evangelical Christians onto the islands, only to be rewarded by having their priests buried in beach sand, while waitng for the tide to roll in.

    Competition in religion is a harsh taskmaster. We all do these things, big things, little things; for and in the name of Love.

    I think I’d rather believe in the notion of ‘… leave my fellow Man alone …”
    One can only imagine what that kind of peace would generate.

    But we all would rather believe in some kind of nirvana, built around something few of us even understand the mechanics of. Simpler notions that work better, get the short shift.

    Love. Beware the pale horse, ridden by the man who speaks about how Love can solve our problems. Distractions are where we find them.

  • Wow, what a great video! It’s not clear to me though; is this video an outtake from the Disney movie, Tomorrowland, or is it unique and different from the theme of that movie? I haven’t seen it so I don’t know. Anyway, can I share with you an excerpt from my personal “Encounter with Unconditional Love”? It’s quite amazing!


    Nearing the top of Mt. St. Helena, the rain has become a downpour and, driven by powerful gusts of wind, it sheets dangerously across the road. Placing my spiritual experience on hold for a moment, I wonder if Michele is aware of the amazing drama playing itself out behind the scenes on Mt. St. Helena. My question, unanswered, my attention returns to Inner Reality.

    This time, I decide that, if I encounter this wall of energy again, I’ll stay with it until I can figure out what it is. Wham! Again, I react to this amazing energy with the same emotional intensity as before. This time, however, I stand my ground. I refuse to budge one inch and, suddenly, I find myself within the middle of this field of energy!

    When nothing happens, I ask, what are you?

    “This is the Energy of Unconditional Love,” says a soothing male voice that seems to come from every point within the energy field, simultaneously.

    Wow, sobbing in relief, I finally know why I keep bursting into tears every time I encounter this field of energy. Intuitively, I must have known what it was all along but my intellectual self didn’t have a clue!

    Without noticing it, my normal defenses had shut down. When it suddenly occurred to me that every thought and feeling I’ve ever had and every act I’ve ever committed, the bad ones as well as the good ones, was now available for this Being of Aware Energy to examine, I went into panic mode and started to raise my defenses once again. Having grown up in a value judgment world of right and wrong, good and bad, ruled by the shame of guilt and the fear of punishment, I once again felt exposed to the threat of disapproval, ridicule and condemnation. Having personally witnessed the damage this level of judgment can do to me, I had no desire to experience it now.

    During my lifetime, like most of us, I’ve exhibited biological and behavioral characteristics in this competitive world, that many people consider unacceptable. Having experienced how we treat one another when we fail to measure up to accepted standards of beauty and behavior, teaches us to hide these behaviors and shortcomings. That’s exactly what I was attempting to do now, hide my secrets.

    Sensing my reaction, the Voice of Love, said, “Nothing you can ever think, feel, say or do can keep you from being loved unconditionally.”

    Finally accepting this proclamation as genuine, I dropped my defenses again and cried even harder. I don’t remember ever experiencing this kind of love from a human being before! I’m not sure that, as human beings, we can express such love, except perhaps, for short moments at a time. As I experience it now, I know there is nothing I need to do to earn it. Just being myself is enough! Here, unlike the material world, there are no demands, no expectations, and no preconditions to satisfy before we receive love. It’s freely given to anyone, which forces me to ask, what does the Energy of Unconditional Love know about us that we don’t? Why and how can this Being of Aware Energy love us unconditionally?

    Literally bathing in the Energy of Unconditional Love, I wonder if the anger, imagined sins and misperceptions of my past will wash away forever. I use this moment to imagine they will, if not forever, at least for now. Even if it’s just the beginning of the end to my emotional suffering, that’s good enough for me!

    Soon, my own love begins to flow and I want to perform miracles for this Loving Energy. I want to honor it for the loving regard in which it holds me. A superman in this alternate reality, I’m able to perform feats of magic and strength that are impossible to perform in the physical world.

  • Let me add another perspective from theoretical physics. The material world is characterized by interactions between material particles. These interactions are either attractive or repulsive. The attractive interactions (correspond to love), bring objects together and generate larger, stable relationships. But the repulsive interactions (correspond to hate) break up structures and disperse bodies away from each other (entropy occurs because stuff gets spread over all directions = 3D).
    Unfortunately, science has adopted a reductionist philosophy that falsely believes that greater understanding will arise from us breaking structures apart (as in ‘Atom Smashers’) while real growth in useful knowledge is now happening in biological research where synthesis is being seen from cellular structures.

    • Yes, so true…….NanoBioTechnologly with an emphasis on the extremely intelligent Microbiom navigating the inner space, and adapting to the new capacity for greater illumination of our cellular structures. Thanks for sharing this Truth Dr. Hank Spanko.

  • LOVE is a force of nature !
    Nature does nothing, but leaves nothing undone !
    Stay in the moment, stay close to LOVE as possible in this times !
    LOVE is the key that will set you free !
    LOVE is the ONE !
    LOVE is the TRUTH !
    TRUTH is LOVE !
    LOVE is the ONLY reality, EVERYTHING else is an illusion !

  • My, how uplifting and full of hope. Thank you.
    On my refrigerator I have had the words of Teilhard de Chardin hanging. And you found them, too.
    Someday…..we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire!
    Why not cite the author and maybe many will be inspired to read the words of this holy man who was silenced by the Church for, in my mind, being too Christlike. Ruth

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