Luke Rudkowski sits down with David Icke in Zucotti Park in New York City.

They go into great detail about the current state of the Alternative Media and how it’s been affected by the rise of Donald Trump.

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  • This is exactly it: we are infinite consciousness having an experience and I would add: in this dimension and on this planet.
    When you relate to politics and what not you missed the point which is: by doing this you play the game of illusion you are anchored in, you are part of the illusion and you perpetuate it with your words.
    The awareness David talks about transcends all that we have created and manufactured here as a result of ego.
    Thanks David.

  • Everybody misses the point. All this election is doing is saying: “We’ve had enough of the Status Quo”. Enough of the Bush, Clinton downward slide into a one world government. Enough of the .001 percent ripping us off. It simply makes a statement. The same way Great Briton made a very strong statement exiting the EU.
    If Trump gets elected he won’t be able to do much but at this point the statement NEEDS to be made. That’s the starting point. Civilizations change from the bottom up, never from the top down. This statement NEEDS to be made the same way our Declaration of Independence NEEDED to be said. People KNOW there’s a problem and want change. The starting point of that change happened in Great Briton with exiting the EU. It needs to continue in this country by electing Trump. Yeah, the whole system is screwy but you start by acknowledging that. You start by making a definitive statement. No more status quo. No more war mongering psychopaths running the show. Whatever Trump turns out to be his election will send a clear message to the NWO crowd that their days are numbered.

  • Icke – summarizing the politics in this us prez election – brilliant – first time I have heard someone provide the depth and intelligence of what really is taking place in the us presidential election . it’s such a bizarre political landscape where discernment and reason are comatized on all sides of the US presdential election – Icke makes a case so self evident (to me) – I am challenged to counter-point his observations and conclusions – notice this presidential election – no or few Hillary for or trump for president bumper stickers – I surmise other than some prankster. playing a bad prank on a friend or likely foe by sticking a prez bumper sticker on that victim’s car bumper of the victim’s opposed candidate”s name. Otherwise, a person in earnest sticks a trump or Hillary for President bumper sticker on their car bumper – either wsy, that car will likely be keyed or scratched. with impunity –

    • Gilbert, That would be hilarious if the whole charade weren’t so messed-up. I’ve actually seen proudly-stuck bumper stickers for both candidates here in the swing state of Florida.


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