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    Here, the undauntingly chipper Bridget Nielsen explains to an interviewer what the alien hybridization program is, from her perspective, how it involves most members of her family. She claims it is responsible for her bearing 10 alien hybrid babies, while in a kind of dreamstate on an alien craft, by the time she was just 26 years old last October, when this was filmed in a natural park surrounding the stunning red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

    The British production company, Union Features seems to be quite taken by “Weird America” and what was formerly a print magazine now has a series of free YouTube videos covering alien abduction themes, Santeria the “Lunar Land Grab” and an assortment of American eccentrics living in America’s Southwest.

    To their credit, they give their interviewees a fair shake and make no attempts to ridicule them. Would that this would have been possible, when I helped produced this type of content for international media, some 15 years ago – we’ve come a long way.

    The producers at Union Features allow their subjects to share their realities freely and without resorting to the post-production ambush techniques of personal destruction, to which I was unwillingly made party, in the past.

    The interviewees are allowed to hang themselves with their own rope, according on the perspectives of each individual viewer, based on the viewers’ core beliefs, which is a much finer approach to documentary filmmaking.

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