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Twelve F22 pilots and Sixteen B-52 bomber crew members have walked off the job, in response to Secretary Austin’s mass email on September 8th decreeing forced vaccinations.

The national security implications of this, considering all of the first responders who will also be walking off the job is headspinning.

Also, with the F22s grounded, Taiwan is more vulnerable.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • That would be a totally illegal order, and not something that would hold up in a court of law, but the military is different, Let us hope more ‘woke’ and yes man generals get sacked, and that it is not just Milley that is facing possible charges.

  • An email I received a couple of days ago:

    I’m search for help for my son who is currently stationed at Fort Riley KS and was forced vaccinated against his will yesterday and against his Christian faith. He was threatened with a yr in prison and fines and having his pay withheld from his wife and baby! The clincher is, he’s in the process of getting out and they told him they were not letting him leave without being jabbed and said he must return in 2 weeks for 2nd dose! He his beside himself and just completely broken!
    Please, he needs medical attention to treat himself against this vaccine! I am begging for help! I’m afraid he will become suicidal and not want to bring harm to his family due to shedding! His name is

    • Ask your congressperson to give him a temporary assignment and status as a staff member, They have immunity from the requirement. As his assignment, he could ask that his work will be to monitor and report to the congressperson the details how his unit is implementing the requirement. If his congressperson is a democrat, I’m very sorry.

    • A young man whom I recommended to enlist in the United States Air Force has completed 14 years is resigning because he is being forced to be injected with the home-man-made COVID-19 vaccine garbage! I certainly don’t blame him one bit, I would have resigned from the United States Armed Forces myself. Don’t misunderstand me, I would fight and die for my country but, I’d be damn if I would ever subject myself to a deadly home-man-made deadly vaccine! And don’t tell its safe, I became deadly ill for four days when forced to take the flu shot. I avoided the flu shot ever since, and I’m in perfect health as before the lousy flu shot.

      My body’s “immune” system is Almighty God’s Shield!

      USAF (RET)

  • Ahh shut up. Playing the blame game won’t get you anywhere. Why is it my fault? I am English living in England This has got nothing to do with me. It’s your fault. So uck off.

    • You’re a slave to the Queen just like your pathetic country has been for over 1000 years. Now shut up, take your shot, wear your mask, and keep singing ‘god save that German queen’ while sitting in your house for the rest of your useless life.

      • Shh! Let us support each other.
        Against the common foe.
        Shh. Too dangerous to name.
        Think and you may know.
        They are the bombers of 911.
        The election fraudsters, UK & USA.
        The White slavers, of children now.
        The forced vaccinators, maskers…
        The Enslavers of the world.

  • AWESOME!!! SO WITH YOU!!!! I can’t believe I know people who support this absolute disaster, horrible, despicable, weak, unqualified, pathetic, disgraceful Biden who is absolutely 100% an illegitimate president! I detest writing president because he’s NO PRESIDENT!!!! He’s a joke!!!

    Thank you for speaking up!

    • Dana, I agree with you 100% .. I, too, can’t believe I know people who support this absolute disaster, horrible, despicable, weak, unqualified, pathetic, disgraceful Biden who’s absolutely 100% an illegitimate president. I, too, detest writing president because he’s NO PRESIDENT!! He’s a total joke!!

  • This is fake. This story originated from the website that says: “Disclaimer: This website contains humor, parody, and satire.” They gives no evidence of this text, no evidence of his claim about the fighter pilots resigning, no evidence of a 10 AM deadline in September, no evidence of the threat of court martial. All of the available evidence of what the military is really telling the troops about the vaccine contradicts this story. I found all of this out in a few minutes by searching. Surely the producer could have done the same.

    • This website contains humor, parody, and satire. We have included this disclaimer for our protection, on the advice on legal counsel.

      And now everyone else knows the rest of the story, you deleted to mislead anyone who read your comment.

      Over 10,000 of the over 20,000 airforce pilots have walked over this. It’s not just a few here and a few there. They try to report numbers per base, but add them up. Idk the numbers in the Navy and Army. I doubt the Navy has as many cause they’d have a long swim to get away from a death dart.

  • I do wish the interviewer would have talked less and asked more questions. At one point I think she talked for what seemed like 10 minutes without taking a breath. I thought the point was to allow Dr. Tenpenny share what people need to know.

    • ” she talked for what seemed like 10 minutes without taking a breath.” Now we know why MSM hires so many women. No man could have done that.

  • Instead or walking off the job, let them fire you!! They cannot force to have a medical procedure in order for you to keep your job. That is against the law and is discrimmination.

      • Exactly Croz. If you walk off the job in the military you are AWOL. At least that’s the way it was years ago when I was in the military.

  • Thank you F22 Pilots for walking of the job and also thanks to the Bombers crews. Thank you for showing guts against these nitwits in the White House right now. I wished , I could reward you with something.
    God bless you all.

  • I stand with the pilots and anyone who refuses to take the jab. Your body, your choice. If that slogan is good enough for a woman to take the life of her unborn child, it’s good enough for any other less deadly decision! Liberty and freedom are lost if Americans submit to government dictates! Your body, your choice in all matters…including the jab!

  • Public health officials deserve to be charged with crimes against humanity. The fact that western nations have gone along with this conspiracy to deny and suppress affordable and easy treatment of Covid-19 infections in order to coerce and force humans to accept a completely inadequate vaccine with rapidly diminishing effectiveness is amoral and a reflection of the stupidity and corruptness of public health and the over paid bureaucrats we are inflicted with.
    Largely I put this at the foot of the UN who are determined to undermine democracy and western nation states, wake up.

  • The soldiers who refuse the killer jab are the same ones not likely to take orders that are unconstitutional. I am so glad they are smart that they know to refuse the jab. I do not understand people who buckle down and take the jab because they want to keep their job, so they can keep their house, etc. What can they do with a house when they are maimed and/or dead? Not every jabbed person has died (yet), but it is a Russian roulette. Plus the vaccine which is not a vaccine has nothing to do with a virus.

  • My Hat’s off to these men and women who are standing up for their rights to informed consent and intelligence to realize that there are things we are not being told or properly informed about the dangers of these experimental gene tinkering injections.

  • This is so encouraging. But what took you so long to realise that you are like everyone else?
    Show the way and be very vocal.
    The westeners should learn from the honk kong students on HOW to created demonstrations and win them. Maybe its too much Fluoride in the water?

  • I still bleve Pres Trump is the real commandr-n-chief….and he will NEVAH allow any1 or anythin’ 2 harm the military that he luvs…

    What if those jabs r now jus saline?!?!…but I wudnt tk a chance evn if they r…

    I jus read an article that said 62% of the jabs now r saline…

    Many drs r givn saline shots 2 their patients, cuz they know the vax is a killr…pharmacies also….

    Walmart was bustd sev mos ago givn saline shots nstead of the vax…claimd they jus mixd up the vials….mhm…



    What I do know is a whole new cottage industry has sprung up…with vax mand8s…

    FAKE VAX PASSPORTS!!…hahahaha….

    I did not c that comin’!!!

    I jus watchd a vid from Bannon’ War Room reportin’ Greek health officials r sus of issuin’ 44 fake covid vax passports…

    Drs hav been arrestd givn fake covid vax passports….

    Hey, if illegal aliens can hav 4gd drivrs licenses and passports, we can hav 4gd covid passports…hahahaha…


    But God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.


  • Requiring vaccine shots in the military to people in perfect health is so asinine, keep asking yourself if this is part of a bigger plan to undermine our country! A prelude to helping China take Taiwan for example.

    • It is all part of The Plan. Biden and his team are fully compromised and working for the CCP, not us. Simple case of treason. There is no other explanation for the buffoonery. Its not like the lap top and the Big Guy $ aren’t common knowledge.

      • He and all the elites are actually conspiring with the jesuits and all their free masons. They are who have been running this world for the better part of 500 years. Everything on tell a vision is scripted along with most of the media, entertainment and sports

    • Yeap because all milatary have to get the 21 gun salute when your in bootcamp unless things have changed since i was there. They vaccinate ya for anything and everything they can think of.

    • Same. A visual of the actual letter would be at least something to reference as to the credibility. I’m not saying it’s not true. Just trying to constantly weed through the “info” we are all getting as to it’s truth.

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