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30-year NSA veteran, Bill Binney and LaRouche Foundation spokesman, Harley Schlanger joined Sean at the SGT Report to discuss new information about the fake “Russian fingerprints” found in the DNC “hacks” and the evidence that it was an inside job.

A central claim of the Mueller Report and the entire “Russian hacking” narrative is that the DNC server was hacked by Russian intelligence (GRU), via the the now-defunct DCLeaks website and the “persona” of a Romanian taxi driver using the handle, “Guccifer 2.0”.

The Mueller Report claimed Guccifer 2.0 gave this data to WikiLeaks for publication, which is refuted both by Bill Binney and by WikiLeaks representative, Craig Murray, who says he personally received the thumb drive containing the DNC data from disgruntled DNC employees. In keeping with WikiLeak’s policy of never revealing sources, Murray will not confirm the involvement of the young DNC staffer who was murdered, Seth Rich.

Scientific tests performed by Bill Binney and his associates independently support Murray’s claims by proving that the DNC data published by WikiLeaks was obtained by someone with physical access to the server. The data transfer rates of the download were too fast to have been achieved through a remote hack.

“Some of the guys working with us in the UK have found five items that were posted by Guccifer 2.0 on the 15th of June of 2016, showing the fingerprints of Russians…Well, those same five items, our guys found in the Podesta emails posted by WikiLeaks but they DIDN’T have those signatures of Russians in them – which says, quite frankly, ‘Guccifer 2.0’ inserted those fingerprints…the fingerprints, to me are pointing back at CIA as Guccifer 2.0’s originator.”

Binney’s new information may corroborate the story of John Mark Dougan, former Palm Beach County Sheriff Department cop and former publisher of police department whistleblowing websites. Dougan, now living under political asylum in Moscow claims he met briefly with Seth Rich on March 13th, 2016 at 4:00AM on a street corner in Washington, DC, where Seth gave him a thumb drive containing the DNC emails. Dougan fled to Moscow less than a month later, due to threats arising from his whistleblowing activities.

Working from Moscow, Dougan says he set up the DCLeaks domain on a Malaysian server on the third week of April 2016 and he uploaded the initial dump of 750 emails he’d received on Seth’s thumb drive. While monitoring the site’s anonymous users, he was able to determine that one of Seth’s associates was located at Cyber Command (part of the DoD and affiliated with NSA), when that member forgot to use his Tor proxy while logging in.

Dougan communicated with this individual a few times because the Malaysian server kept crashing and they discussed migrating the website to a different hosting service. In this interview with Jason Goodman, Dougan also said that Seth’s group had joked about using the Guccifer name.

Dougan had to abandon the project after early July and he never heard from the group again. It was only in December, when he learned of the suspicious murder that Dougan says learned of Seth Rich’s identity.

He says he immediately called the DC Metro Police to speak to a detective and to offer to send them Seth Rich’s email dump, but the moment he said he had evidence in the Seth Rich murder, the detective hung up on him. He called back but he says it was evident that the department didn’t want any information to come out about that case.

The DNC refused to turn their server over to the FBI to be investigated. Neither WikiLeaks nor Binney were subpoenaed by the Mueller Investigation. Binney was on standby to testify in the Roger Stone defense case last summer but he wasn’t called. He was, however was able to submit an affadavit with his information into the legal record [as he also did for the defense of Gen. Mike Flynn].

As Bill Binney says here, “The whole idea of going after Roger stone was predicated on this…alleged Russian hack, which didn’t happen and it was provable and that’s why they didn’t want to let me testify in court. The judge kept it out.

“So, I mean they’re not alone in this conspiracy to hide the truth from the American public. It’s not just the mainstream media or even the the political parties involved…it’s also the courts – at least, in…both cases, where the judges were appointed by the Obama Administration. So, there’s this much larger conspiracy to keep the truth away from the public…

“Barr and Durham are the only hope we have of changing what is now the Department of “Just Us” – and we’re not included, by the way – into a Department of Justice…if they don’t come up with these indictments and referrals for indictments, then you can be sure that they’ve been sucked into the Deep State.”

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  • Conspiracies caught up to today that occurred yesterday, give us no bearing on tomorrow.

    What do I mean by that?

    Conspiracies have been happening longer than we’ve been a country and a new one just happened last week with a new lie, 2 assasinations and other lies to cover them up.

    TRUMP assassinated two Iranian government officials and lied about why he had it done.

    Truth: The assassinations were done due to a requested warming of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, being hosted by Iraq.

    Truth: The Iraqi Prime Minister has confirmed this report first found on The PM’s confirmation is here.

    Just last month, we were intimately involved in a coup of the Bolivian government as reported on the grayzone. Facts laid bare there.

    This president, is NOT the answer to maintaining anything remotely related to liberty or justice, in case you happen to give a damn.

    There is only one candidate running who actually cares about the constitution, ending wars and reigning in the war department (let’s call it what it is please). Maybe you can figure out who it is before they call it quits.

    Regarding Trump’s problems, it looks like he’s winning and I’m really TIRED of the story.

    • According to, the Ukrainian Jet shot down in Irans was electronically sabotaged during takeoff causing Iranian military to mistake it for a missile. Jim is former NSA. Here’s his story:

      “Two minutes after take off, the transponder, communications, and lights on the aircraft were shut off, obviously via remote. It flew in this hacked configuration for approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds before, in error, Iranian ground forces mistook it for a cruise missile and shot it down, with Iran’s top nuclear physicists aboard. The plane was sent out during a no fly order to get the most important people (and their families) out of Iran before a war broke out, which Iran was expecting.

      The only question in this story now is who interfered with communications between the airport, the military, and the pilots, who went dark for a considerable length of time before the missiles were launched. Approximately 1 minute after the first missile was launched, a second one was launched though the first one probably would have downed the plane despite it not being on fire. Eight minutes after take off, it crashed.

      My guess is Israel is the one that hacked the plane and shut the transponder, lights and radios off to force it to fly completely dark, the way a cruise missile would. They are the only ones celebrating.

      As corrupt as Ukraine is, Iran SHOULD NOT turn over the black boxes until they have at least copied what is on the cockpit voice recorder. If whatever is reported to have come off that voice recorder does not mimic what I just said above, the wrong people will have “analyzed it”, you know, like how accurately American votes get counted.”

      • I saw that. Then why is the Iran regime taking responsibility for the shootdown, thereby causing riots and risking their own existence, being that the mullahs always blame everything on Israel (and the US), anyway?

        Stone’s doesn’t make sense.

        • Perhaps the Iranian regime is so shaken by the ability to mask their own craft that they needed time before reacting? I don’t know but I also find it way to accidental that the timing is right when tensions were at their highest. They just don’t mistakenly shoot down an airliner, IMHO.

  • Thank you Harley & Bill & Sean (Shawn? Shaun?). You guys are patriots,

    Why so few patriots in power?

    For Trump to rock ‘n roll, all he has to do is re-open 9/11. If there is a ‘plan’ as Q says, it certainly seems foolish. Why are they waiting to expose the corruption? Why did Trump put Barr in?

    The Dems are so blinded to the truth, the only way they’re going to have their eyes opened is when their heroes are taken down.

    Let’s hope Q is real, and there is a plan – otherwise, Trump doesn’t have much of a chance.

    Pelosi is a criminal. I want her in jail. Along with the Clintons, Bushes, Cheney, Comey, the list is Loooong.

    And Sean, it’s Prince Andrew, not Prince Phillip.

  • Barr and Durham will not produce anything of consequence. Trump made a deal with the Bushes. I will be surprised Trump is even on the Republican ticket this year.
    The Department of the Criminally Insane (FKA DOJ) will keep anything that implicates their buddies.
    Its a big club and you ain’t in it.
    We do not live in a constitution republic – we live in a oligarchy. It has always been this way. It’s just we have technology now and it has helped us to see it more clearly than ever before.

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