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    Nixon biographer, Douglas Caddy wrote of President Nixon’s prediction that, “The year 2020 will be cataclysmic not only for America but the world.”

    Nixon made this prediction to Robert Merritt, a Federal informant, who was also used to perform surveillance of Nixon’s enemies and to obtain lurid material that could be used to blackmail officials and congressmen.

    Merritt made some shocking confessions to Liszt before his death a few months ago.

    Merritt was introduced to Daniel Liszt by Douglas Caddy, best known as the Watergate attorney who represented Gordon Liddy, E Howard Hunt and the five burglars disguised as plumbers.

    In previous episodes of Daniel Liszt’s Dark Journalist show, Merritt described a meeting with Richard Nixon in a bunker beneath the White House, during which the President read him a letter describing the covert government’s interaction over a period of two decades with an ET being.

    Nixon told him that he’d hidden a time capsule somewhere on the premises of the White House, which would reveal the truth about Earth human-ET interactions and an ET energy formula that could change the world economy – and hopefully redeem Nixon’s tarnished legacy.

    After Merritt’s 2018 interview with Liszt, he said the CIA and President Trump went on a frantic search for Nixon’s message. Merritt said the recent announcement of the Space Force and warnings by the Navy about the dangers of UFO disclosure indicated that Nixon’s UFO-related time capsule has been found.

    Liszt recounts, “After the Watergate break-in, Nixon decided that Merritt was a man he could trust above anyone except his National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger. He sent for Merritt in the usual fashion: after midnight.

    “With no warning, a shadowy figure would come to Merritt’s door and take him to meet with the President in a room deep underneath the White House.

    “Nixon needed Merritt to be a courier of some special documents to a high official. The information was Above Top Secret and referred to the UFO file. Merritt sat shocked as the President read the letter aloud.

    “Nixon was an experienced hand on managing the UFO file from his days as Vice President under President Eisenhower. The Government had a public program at that time called Project Blue Book but according to several whistleblowers, Vice President Nixon personally ran the so-called “CIA Blue Book” cases: the real crashes hidden from the public that involved retrievals of exotic UFO technology.”

    Liszt plays parts of his final interview with Merritt and he interviews Caddy, who claims of Merritt that he “will turn out eventually to be a great figure in history.

    “At some point, the historians will discover him, when in the period of 1972 to 1974, he did extraordinary things that changed the history of the world.”

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    • Did not get my DJ membership notice until 9:30pm, Bastards! Maybe you can send the notice the day before instead of the day of, just to stay ahead of this type of sabotage or tech glitch? Just a thought. Thanks Olivia.

    • Minus a few mistakes that was a great interview and very accurate. I know some of the people mentioned in that video. I am also former U.s. Secret Service and most of it is very accurate and true.
      I also protected Russian EMbassies and Ambassadors as well at age 21.
      As a Whistle-blower, I am still being retaliated against for what I know and no one knew to make me a deal cause I am Honest and just did my job better than anybody at my other agency U.S. Customs.
      I also worked inside the White House and other locations and I have some good ideas where that “Message” is with the special Formula.
      This is THE year Disclosure is supposed to be made and Trump is pictured as well.
      The Water Gate Hotel breakin was a cover up for the Pedophiles and Homosexual’s on a special list.Not Pentagon Papers etc….(Cover story)
      I am sure there are some very important people listed and that is why they are going after Trump.
      Henry Kissinger knows the special information and Douglas Caddy is still alive….
      Call me when you guys want to talk.

    • The secret will be kept secret as we know Knowledge on this scale would destroy this world’s infrastructure. Maybe the alien forces that are already protecting us from ourselves will come to the rescue from self destruction. We must find the Whitehouse papers to understand what we have always known. We are not alone on this voyage of the cosmos.

    • Interesting stuff and I suspect and question everything as I am former U.S. Secret Service just after Nixon left office in August 1974.
      I was assigned to the Foreign Missions Division protecting the various EMbassies against Terrorists at that time like Carlos the Jackal, etc…
      I then transferred to the White House Division in 1975/1976 Ford & Carter.
      I later transferred to other agencies to fight the “War on Drugs” (SDPD, U.s. Mint Police and then U.s. Customs Service til 1998 and became a whistle-blower and exposed severe corruption and Human Trafficking by high ranking Customs officials.
      Anyway, I have worked inside the White House and all around the facility including the EOB next door. There are many places a “time capsule” can be hidden, but I suspect it would NOT be in the Oval Office or the Den or other places as subsequent Presidents and THEIR Staff will have certain “access” while other locations will be obscure and can be locked away.
      I find it hard to believe that even the USSS (My former agency) will have a need to know to protect such items in the event of a disaster or event.
      Most President’s usually take certain items they are allowed to keep during their administration to keep at their various Presidential Libraries.(Another possibility)
      I myself am educated and well versed on many things and also know of the meetings Eisenhower had with Aliens including Valiant Thor in 1951 as well as the ones at Holloman AFB or Edwards AFB in the desert where I have also been to and lived on assignment while out of NWC China Lake.
      I would gladly do an interview to explore the various possibilities and possible places where the former President could have kept his “Time Capsule”
      WHat bothers me is Eisenhower Refused the help to advanced technology, superfoods and clean air and water which would have advanced us health wise.(Problem is our DNA is programmed to fall apart and we age while Aliens are not the same and live for hundreds or thousands of year(Annunaki) Gilgamesh or ENKI.
      Keep in mind I worked ALL Levels of the White House and EOB(Executive Office Building or the old “War Department”)  next to the White House and where all other staffers work and where the Vice President also has his office when he is there.
      I’ve also worked on top of the rooftops in conjunction with the Counter Sniper teams before they had facilities on top of the White House like now.(MOstly cause snipers have attempted to shoot and have hit the White House form a distance south of the Elipse.(If you remember the old 1951 movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still” with Michael Rennie and Gort? That was where the saucer landed NOT at the White House lawn.(Too small)
      I’ve made many arrests of fence jumpers and people like John W. Hinckley(1976) but the Duty SS Agent Failed to place Hinckley in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Just 5 years later Hinckely had allegedly shot at Reagan, but Reagan was hit with a flechette Disc NOT a Bullet from Hinckley’s gun.(1981)
      See also Art Campbell(Deceased) I confirmed 2 of the SS Agents were at the meeting with Eisenhower and showed up in JKF’s limo in Dallas in 1963. (Kellerman was one)  
      Here is my contact information:
      Donate: U.S. Secret Service-FMD/WHD Wash.D.C.San Diego Police DepartmentU.S. Mint Police/TreasuryU.S. Customs ServiceEOD-San Diego MAST Unit Member CustomsU.S. Immigration ServiceU.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceCNOA Life Member #13894
      AFIO Member ASIS Member Private Investigator Security Consultant  National Security Adviser Law Enforcement Historian/Research SpecialistTechnical Adviser/Law EnforcementBlack Belt Martial Arts(Judo, Aikido, Karate, etc..)
      John Carman
      P.O. Box 577
      La Mesa, Ca. 91944-6925
      John Carman
      Donate: U.S. Secret Service-FMD/WHD Wash.D.C.

    • Fascinating! Thanks for showing this A.
      If true, rewrite the Biography of Nixon and have Oliver Stone do the movie.

      3/6/9 Tesla will one day set us free. That, and people living out the reality of being directly connected to the light and therefore, free. No cage can hold any of us unless we allow it to. And yes, that is what I’ve finally learned.

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