Robert Merritt was a Federal informant and secret operative in the Nixon Administration’s Huston Plan. Here, he reveals more about his meeting with Richard Nixon in a bunker beneath the White House. The President revealed to Merritt that he was going to hide a time capsule in the White House containing evidence of US Government alien interaction and an ET energy formula that could change the world economy – and hopefully redeem his tarnished legacy.

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  • Thank you, Dark Journalist for your work. I have sympathy for anyone trying to get to the bottom of the UFO question. It is like the Kennedy assassination: the truth is always out of reach. Robert Merritt may be telling the truth, or part of the truth, or be lying completely. I take your word that he is who he claims to be; but Mirage Men always have impressive bona fides. Like all single whistle blowers, he gives no proof, and but little that can be checked. My personal suspicion is that this is part of a government disinformation program, designed to make our enemies believe we have technologies of unimaginable power. I could be dead wrong. Best wishes on this and all your research. Cheers, Bill


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